Monday, 17 June 2013

Wild Weather

It was raining cats and dogs when Room 15 went home yesterday. Check out the back of our classrooms. That's a lot of water! How is the weather in your city? Did you have any trouble getting home from school?


  1. What an unbelievable sight - all that water cascading done the steps. It is probably the first time that area has been litter free!!!

  2. Hi I am Lilli from 8C
    Wow!!!! That is quite alot of rain. In Christchurch we are bracing for a snow hit!!!!

  3. Hi Stephanie, this is Chelsea from 8C. Christchurch was raining since Saturday, it's still raining right now. We are hoping for snow, we also had a bad leak in our corridor that we had to go down the year 7 corridor yesterday! It is fixed now.

  4. Hi room 15,

    I haven't seen that much rain in my life!!!! In christchurch we're going to have snow!!! I'm so excited! Are you going to have snow?

    8C happenings

    1. Hi Sarah,
      The weather forcast is for some snow this week! It will be the second time in Wellington in the last few years!

      From Helen

  5. Hi room 15,

    So excited for our wild weather snow is on its way!

  6. Hi Nadia
    Snow! that is really exsiting wish we were in for snow
    From giorgi

  7. Hi Stephanie
    In my city it was pouring down with rain but there was nothing like that.I didn't have any trouble getting home because I was sick that day so I stayed home.

    From Luke.

  8. Hi Room 15,
    That looks like a lot of rain. We are getting ready for snow. It rained here all of Sunday and Monday. Our class are getting really excited about the snow that is meant to be coming on Thursday.

    8C, Selwyn house school

  9. Hi Room 15,

    Wow that's amazing. I hope you all had your gummies at school! ;)

    I can see the girls have told you we are on snow alert. The media have worked Chch people into a frenzy over it so it will be funny if it doesn't happen. I remember you had snow in Welly a couple of years ago. I imagine that is quite a rare thing with all that great wind to blow it away!

    The crazy thing is that I grew up in Chch and can remember it snowing once during my childhood and then once when I was at university. If this snow storm eventuates, it will be the FOURTH in three years. How bizarre!

    Have any of you ever been skiing?

    Have a great day, 8C.

    Mrs C-M

  10. hilo i am Levi and i am Kane. the rain in Hamilton was just like that .That was a heap of rain that would have been fun to watch and go in .
    By Levi and Kane
    Melville Intermediate
    New Zealand


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