Friday, 14 June 2013

Pride in your work

As everyone knows I am a HUGE Apple fan. I'd be lost without my iPhone and we've been using our classroom Macs to make some cool stuff.

I found this video last night about Apple's thinking about design. Apple is famous for saying 'No' a lot. They want each product to be perfect so they keep working and re-working their products before they release it. So often when we get busy we don't take time to make our work brillant. We don't stop, re-read, re-write, re-do.

This week we've been doing a lot of work on our documentaries.

What do you think the key messages from this advertisement are?

How do you want people to feel when they see your movies?

How are you happy with your progress so far?

What do you plan to accomplish next week?


  1. Hi Stephanie
    It sould be at a good stander
    They will be socd by this face book move
    Going to japan

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Its Tom and Michael here.We think that apple wont send anything out of the factory unless it is perfect.We want them to feel intrested and happy while watching the documentry.we are happy with our progreess so far because we have finished filming.The whole documentry.

    From Michael and Tom.

  3. Charlie & Quintin14 June 2013 at 12:06

    Charlie & Quintin
    We think the key massages are Focus and other stuff.

    If we had a movie we would want people to feel engaged and inspired from it.

    My progress is'st well because we have only done the questions well that's what i heard from Ethan.

    I plan onto make better progress and get more done.

    Charlie & Quintin

  4. Dear Stephanie

    Inspiration to buy apple products.To be inspired and not smoke any more if they do.Its going great but I want to do more on it.I to finish my Filming for the movie.

    From Ethan

  5. Hi miss Thompson,

    I think that this advert is trying to tell us that you should but hard work and effort into your work and don't release it until your happy with it.

    when people see my documentary I want them to feel interested and secure that bullying is trying to be solved.

    I am happy because we have finally started filming because we took forever with the questions.

    I want my group to finished editing and interviewing.


  6. Hi Stephanie
    I think the key messages are let things be perfect and never let it go if it sucks!
    I want them to feel passion and feel happy. Also to like my movie!
    I'm feeling fine I guess.
    I want to finish the documentary
    From GraceQ

  7. Hi Stephanie
    I think the key messages in that advertisement with make sure you have not made any mistakes, make sure you feel right with what you have done.
    When people see my movie I want them to feel happy,interested and focused because my group has worked really hard on the movie.
    I am reasonably happy with what my group has done so far we have e-mailed people and videoed a student.
    I want to accomplish getting all the recordings out of the way next week.


  8. Dear Stephanie,

    I think the key message from the advertisement is only say yes if you think it's perfect. When people watch our movies I want them to feel happy. I'm really happy with my progress so far in our documentary. I want to be able to finish our documentary next week.


  9. Hi Stephanie.

    They don't release anything unless its perfect.

    Happy and honest.

    Because iv'e accomplish a lot.


  10. Hey Stephanie,

    I think the key message is only say yes if you think its perfect.

    If i was in a movie i would want the people to feel exited and engaged so it would make them want me to make more movies.

    I have been working on the introduction.

    finishing my introduction.

  11. Dear Miss

    1.I think maybe to keeping using what you have. maybe im not sure??
    2.I what them to be happy.
    3.I what them to be happy and excited to see the movies I make.
    4.Im really happy.
    5.Im not so sure???

    from Teah

  12. Hey
    I think that it is saying that you should go over your work so that it is go to show everyone.
    Good because if they don't like and they say to you 'that they do not like it'.
    good because I work good.
    Doing all of my work.
    From Rosalie

    1. hey stephanie,

      I think the key of the advert is work hard.

      When people watch our doccumentry i want them to know the big idea.

      Im not actually good about our progress because is not ready.

      I want to do all my work to acomplish it.

  13. Hello Stephanie
    We think that the key advertisement is apple don't release products until they are perfect

    We wan't people to feel Happy and Excited

    I(Nate)am very happy with my work because we have started filming and Jono is also happy because he has started filming

    Next week we plan to Finish our documentaries


  14. Dear room 15,

    I think the message is that we have to keep up our dreams of creating a marvellous object. If i had created a movie I would want people to be pulled into the movie and leave talking about how great it was. I've done great with a personal project that I'm doing and I'm going to revise my work.

    8C happenings


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