Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Baking Bread

Room 15 had a go at baking bread. We learned a little about yeast and then had a go at no-knead ciabatta. We had a look and smell at the special ingredient, yeast and then left our bread to rise overnight.

The next morning,  Josh noticed that our mixture smelled like beer. He was right! The yeast in bread goes through a process of fermentation. We are going to learn more about fermentation in the weeks that follow.

But today, we popped our mixture in the oven and had some nice warm bread after morning tea.

Have you ever made bread before?

What is the special ingredient that makes bread.


  1. Hey room 15,

    I have a bread maker at my house and we use it every few holidays. At my house, the main 'magic ingredient' is yeast.

    Ella,8C Happenings.

  2. Hi room 15

    You sound like you had a lot of fun last year we made bread with our amazing food tech teacher Mrs Bierwirth. We made lots of different types of bread like chelsea buns and plats we had so much fun!

    Alice Selwyn House School

  3. Heya room 15

    Making bread sure sounds fun! I used to have a bread maker at home but it was about 15 years old and it kind of blew up so that was the end of that then :D

    Mac from 8C :P

  4. Hi Room 15
    Making bread sounds like so much fun. I've never made bread before but I really want too.
    Emily from Room 13

  5. HI Room 15
    that looks like you've been having lots of fun. Me and my Dad make bread in our bread maker,but i've never made it by hand before.
    Sophie from Room 15

  6. Hi Stephanie
    I like Baking and the bread was yum and we could make some in the bake sale
    by Zane

  7. Hi Stephanie

    I have never before but I saw my mother making some a months ago. The special ingredient in making bread is yeast.



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