Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday Tech Challenge

Each Monday Room 15 joins up with the rest of Huia syndicate for a tech challenge. Tech challenges usually involve a problem to solve and we work in groups with students from across the syndicate. We use these challenges as a way to build our creativity but also to use the 5 key competencies of the New Zealand curriculum: managing self, participating and contributing, thinking, using language, symbols and text as well as relating to others.

For the last few weeks our class has been working on designing a board games. Here's our class in action during our last tech challenge.

Do you do tech challenges at your school?

Do you have any suggestions of future challenges for Huia syndicate?


  1. Hi Room 15,

    We could really do with your board games here in 8C today as it is rainy day so we'll be inside for morning tea and lunch. Some of those board games would keep us entertained!

    How long has this process taken you? What challenges have you had?

    Mrs C-M

    1. Michelle and Elizabeth11 June 2013 at 14:18

      Hey Mrs C-M

      It's Michelle and Elizabeth the process has taken us 3 Monday afternoons a proper board game. The board game that are group has created has turned out nicely and it would be great if you could see it :) We have had mostly art challenges like make a flag that represents your syndicate and challenges that only you work on not a whole group.=)

      Rm 15 Tawa intermediate

  2. That sounds great, Michelle and Elizabeth. I love the flag idea too. Will you have an opportunity to wave your flags? Sports day? I see you have already had your cross country.

  3. Wow I think that it great that these that you are allowed to participate in such an awesome event to experiment with fun and creative ideas. I wish our school did that sort of thing. :(

    Nadia 8C


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