Thursday, 6 June 2013

The power of team sports

This week our class started our soccer PE unit. I found this video about a soccer team in Thailand.

Watch it.

What do you think about the story of the Panyee Football Club? What are some lessons you take from the documentary?

Alongside physical skills of kicking and scoring, what do you think sports teaches us?

How have you been a good team member of the First Fifteen this week?


  1. hi stephanie
    I think it is a good little story and the lesson was train anywhere even if you're on water.

    The sport teaches us about working as a team and do your best

    I have been a good team member

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Some lessons from that documentary are that if you practice you can achieve your dream.
    Sport teaches us coordination and teamwork.
    I have been a good team member this week by contributing my ideas to class and thinking of questions for our documentary's.

    From Helen

  3. Quintin & Charlie7 June 2013 at 11:55

    What i think about the movie is that it really does teach us a thing or two about sports.

    Some lessons we can take are how to do a proper documentary.

    What i think sports teaches us is to never give up and think of ways to be better.

    We have been good team members this week because we have turns and don't fight.

    From Quintin & Charlie

  4. Dear Stephanie,
    I think the Panyee Football Club origin is really cool. They were just a few ordinary boys wanting to play football and they suddenly get to play a real game.The Lesson I got from the documentary is: Not all teams can be champions, but champions can come from anywhere. I think sports teaches us how to enhance our instincts in many ways. I think Elizabeth has been a good member of our class. She's in the Cross Country team.


  5. Hi Stephanie
    That documentary was telling me that you should never give up no matter if something is in the way.
    Even if you are bad at a certain sport all you need to do is practice and practice until you see a improvement because practice makes perfect.
    I have been a good team member in room fifteen this week because I have been following instructions working hard doing the right thing including other students in school activity's.
    By Elizabeth

  6. Hi Stephanie
    I thing it is cool becase i play foot ball
    To play with your feet and get good at foot ball
    Yes becase i have being working hard

    By Zane

  7. Hey Miss Thompson

    1:I think this is a great story because they were working as a time and they thought that they were not good enough.
    2:Umm I think good team work and helping each other out.
    3: I dont think you just play sports to score a goal I think you dont cause you love that sport or its just your favourite thing to do.
    4:I think I have been a good member of this class cause I can be Nice at times but at the same time I think This year was better then last year.

    From Teah :)

  8. Hi Stephanie

    I think that the story of this football club is pretty awesome.I have learnt to play fair and be grateful if you lose or win.
    sport teaches us about fairness, creativity and
    team work.
    I've been a good team member by being very active in P.E. Also by getting my work done on time!

    From Grace!

  9. Hi stephanie

    I think the story shows inspiration and that you can do anyhing if you try.The lesson I learnt from the documetry is not to drive my bike off the warf.The sport teaches me to work as a team to acheive your goal.I have been a good team leader by working hard in my work.

  10. Ethan and Corban7 June 2013 at 12:05

    Hey Stephanie,

    In that video I learnt that if you work hard then you can do anything you want to do.Well if you want to play sport in the future,then I guess sport will help you with that.Ethan has lead the warm up for the class and Corban gave Ram a laptop.

    From Ethan and Corban

  11. Hi Stephanie
    What do you think about the story of the Panyee Football Club?
    We think that it was inspiring because it is teaching you that if you
    have a goal you can achieve it

    What are some lessons you take from the documentary?
    That you can do anything if you believe in it

    Alongside physical skills of kicking and scoring, what do you think sports teaches us?
    Sports teaches us to work as a team and to never give up

    How have you been a good team member of the First Fifteen this week?
    I (Jono) have been an amazing Sports Comm rep for Room 15 and I (Nate) have made people laugh and have a good time

    Cya Stephanie

  12. Hey Stephanie

    I think that the story of the football club is cool because they didn't care about what the other people thought or said they just carried on doing what they wanted to do.The lesson that I learnt was just to try and make your dream come true and not care what the other people are saying.I think that sport teaches how to be fit?.I don't know if I have been a good member of the class team but heh at least I'm trying.

  13. hi miss Thompson,

    I thought that the Panyee football club was a very inspiring club as they had an idea and people put them down but they still went on with the idea they had and in the result of that they got a practising ground and they got to go to a tournament.The lessons I got from that clip was never give up in your ideas even though people might put you down.
    I think sports teaches us group skills, working with others, communication and mind control.
    I have helped Zoe achieve her personal goal in cross country by supporting her in training and giving her tips.


  14. Hi Stephanie
    I learnt that to never give up on your dreams.It teaches us teamwork and life lessons.I have helped with editing movies
    From giorgi

  15. Hi Stephanie
    I think Panyee football club came up with a good idea by starting a football club.
    What your good at and teachers us how to play a sport that we are good at.
    Usha: yes because I have been helping people that don't play football.
    Rosalie: Good because I how been helping people do there sport.

    Form Usha and Rosalie

  16. Hi Stephanie
    I think it show's people that if you have a dream don't forget it and keep practising and never give up. I think sport teaches us teamwork and responsibility. I have been getting my work done.
    From Luke

  17. Hi
    I thought the football club was really good and that the players really loved playing football. I think sports how to be fit and how to learn.

    Sally-Ann helped me with my spelling this week.


  18. hey Stephanie,

    Im sure that documentry was really good because they look as though there really skillfull.

    i think sports teaches us how to improve in games and have skills.

    i know i ve been a good leader of our class because i communicate with each other and i've gotten lollipop moments 4 times :)

  19. Hello Stephanie

    I thought they were cool and brave to play a hard game and just have fun.
    Well I think I learned just to have fun because all they wanted to do was have fun and play.

    I think sport teaches us how to be fit and to have fun.

    I think I've been a good team member by helping pick up trash around the class and being nice to everyone and making them feel good.Team

    From Jullian

  20. hi my name is damien and i liked your short film and i hoped you lerned to just have fun.

  21. That was awesome. It really shows you can do anything you set your mind to.

  22. Hi my name is Daniel and this video looks real cool

    Melville Intermediate SCHOOL Hamilton NZ

  23. i liked that they were very focased to make the pitch and were gratios losers

  24. The Thailand football video makes me push myself to limits to achieve what your after and push your self even if you live in a place that you can not get a football pitch easily.


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