Friday, 31 May 2013

Food in schools

This week there has been a lot of coverage around the government providing breakfast to kids in low-income schools. One newspaper printed a cartoon suggesting that if kids got given free meals at school, their parents would spend the savings on beer and gambling. 

P2090057The cost of food, accommodation and electricity in New Zealand are very expensive for some families and tough choices are being made especially during winter.

In a lot of countries it is seen as the government's responsibility to provide lunch for students in schools. 
When I worked in Korea I was surprised to see each school has a kitchen that provides lunch. Some families pay for lunch, but if the family can't afford to pay then the government paid the bill. You can see the lunch on the left. There's rice, kimchi, soup, some vegetables and some meat.

I really love when we have shared lunches as it's a great way for students to bond.

What do you think?

Should schools have kitchens to provide hot lunches for kids?

What might be some of the costs?

What would be benefits?


  1. Hi Stephanie
    We wouldn't like cafeteria food because it tastes weird.
    Schools should provide hot lunches for students who can't make their own or for people who want them.
    Some of the costs would be for the food and to pay the cooks and untensils.
    Students wouldn't have to make their own lunches. :-)

    From Helen, Teah and Tom

  2. Hi stephaine
    we think we should have hot lunches in school to. Kitchens in school would be good but only in low deciaile schools. They would have to pay for food and cooks and kitchens. Beninfits would be that kids dont go hungry
    from giorgi and ethan

  3. Ram and Quintin4 June 2013 at 14:54

    Dear Stephanie,
    Me and Quintin think we should have a mess hall built so we don't have to take food to school. Yes, schools should have kitchens to cook hot lunches for kids. The costs should be about 20$ for a month.
    The benefits are you don't have to take food to school.

    -Ram and Quintin

  4. Nathan And JoshA4 June 2013 at 14:56

    Hello Stephanie
    Josh and I (Nate) think food at school is a good idea because that means parents dont have to worry about giving their kids lunchs

    Schools should provide lunches because it means that kids will have yummy hot food

    The costs could be around 40$ a month because 40$ is a reasonable price

    The benefits would be the fact that kids wouldnt have to be home as long to make a lunch

  5. Hey,
    Me and Michael think that there should be food in schools because I am more full on hot lunches.

    Dont know.


  6. Elizabeth and Luke4 June 2013 at 14:58

    Hi Stephanie
    Luke and Elizabeth think that schools shouldn't provide food for some of the students because it is the parents response ability to take care of the child.
    The cost of the food for a child so it can eat would be under $10 dollars.
    The benefits would be a gain of money for the goverment.
    From Elizabeth and Luke

  7. Hi Stephanie,

    I think every school should have school lunches.

    the government is supposed to pay for it not the schools, the government should use taxes.
    school lunches are great for the students because it help them learn when they are full and it helps familys in need to.

  8. Jullian and Zane4 June 2013 at 14:59

    Hello Stephanie

    Zane and I think it's good because we share and bond with others and it's funny because of the food challenges.

    Jullian and I think yes because it's cheap and it saves time so you can't be late And don't have to worry.

    We think it should have small, medium and large so you can have different varietys and cost to small to large like 10$ for small and 10$ more for medium etc.

    The benefits are you don't worry about your or being late.Andy

    Jullian and Zane.

  9. Amara and Corban4 June 2013 at 14:59

    Hey Stephanie

    Corban and I think its good to have hot lunches because kids would love to have hot food for lunch, and the people who serves the food to the kids might injoy making hot food.

    We think schools should provide hot lunches for kids because it might be interesting and something new.

    The people that serves the food might get alot of money and think the jobs worth it.

    Corban and Amara


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