Monday, 13 May 2013

Assembly Time again

Hi Room 15 Our class is on assembly again. Our class doesn't just host an assembly, we host the assembly. To give Year 7s an idea of the things our class has done in the past, check out this video.

Has anyone got any ideas for assembly? What theme could we have? Are the any ideas from activities in class we could showcase at assembly. Who do you think would be a good host?


  1. Hi Stephanie
    Is there an important date coming up soon? If there is we could base our assembly on that date.

    I think Giorgione, Ethan and I would make good hosts.

    Can we have fairies again? They would have to be Blue Huia Fairies or we could do Blue Huia something else.

    From Helen

  2. Hello Stephanie
    I do have an idea for the assembly that we are hosting. I know that most people in the school barely know anything about the Huia bird. So we could talk about how the bird came extinct and some interesting facts.
    I think we should have a learning theme where we learn about things that are interesting and new.
    Well would could show the school how we learn and what we do in the class.
    I think Ram would be a good host because he is funny and he has a clear voice that you can understand what he is saying.

    From Elizabeth

  3. Hey
    I think Helen, Ethan and I should be the hosts.I reckon globalisation should be the theme for the assemble. And we should some kind of treat giving thing like the fairies last year.
    From giorgi

  4. Hello Miss Thompson

    Its Zoe and Teah here.1.we can make a new video like that one but put some changes in the video.2.No sorry we dont have any idea what it should be.3.Not sure but We think Ram and Grace should be the hosts.

    Thanks From Teah and Zoe.

  5. Charlie & Quintin13 May 2013 at 09:16

    Hey Stephanie

    We could run on the spot and put the green screen behind us and change the back round so it would look like were running through them.

    From Charlie & Quintin

  6. Dear Ms Thompson,

    We should do a parody of I Am Eleven, or maybe our group country things where we talk about the country we got.

    Ram, Ethan and Nate

  7. Hi Stephanie,

    We could do some green screen things like, we could
    run on the spot while we change back round, I think it would
    be good.
    I think the host of our assembly should be Ram.

    From Corban

  8. Hi stephanie,

    I think we should put some cool music on when the school walks in
    and Tom should be the host , because hes responsoble with video stuff.

    From Zane


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