Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A pep talk - Assembly

Earlier in the year, Room 15 watched Pep talk. We decided that the message was one we wanted to share at our assembly so we had a go at making it. Thanks to Room 13 and Room 14 for joining in our pep talk. What was your favourite scene in the peo talk? What is something we could improve on for later?


  1. Wonderful. So much going on, I enjoyed the different students having an opportunity to say something. Choosing a favourite part was pretty tricky but it would have to be the Robert Frost Poem quote (the Road not travelled) that's always been a personal favourite of mine so there is a bit of personal bias. This must have gone down really well at school.

  2. I like the part when i say ya you and i wod like to do so more words to say By Zane

  3. Hey Stephanie
    My favourite scene is when Usha says "Im just a kid" But all of the scene are funny
    From rosalie

  4. Hi room 15,
    I loved everything about this. It made me feel inspired to do something and not be boring but be Awesome. Everyone is awesome and unique. My most favourite part would have to be the dancing parts. I laughed alot.

    From, Sarah

  5. Hey our names are Jackie and Bianca,
    Your Pep talk is very cool. it was like cool at the backround. It was very inspiring. We really liked it.
    The End ...
    By Bianca & Jackie


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