Thursday, 9 May 2013

Room 15's teacher goes to Google!

I was very luck to be selected to go the Google Teacher Academy in Sydney. The first thing I did when I arrived was to have a pie from Harry's Cafe du Wheels. Harry's has been making pies since 1938 and the tiger pie is a speciality. It's got gravy, mushy peas and potato on top of a meat pie. Why do you think it's called the tiger pie?

One of the highlights of going to the academy was meeting teachers from around the world. Here I am with a group of teachers who teach in Singapore and America at Bronte Beach. One of the teachers lives a long way from the ocean so he was amazed at all the surf. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are in New Zealand to live close to the beach!

The google offices were pretty cool.  A personal favourite was the library. What do you think? Do you think Tawa Intermediate kids might like our new library to look like this? 

Most of the time I spent learning about google products but here I am playing a minute to win it game called the chocolate unicorn. Can you guess what I had to do? Do you think I won? Would you like to have a go at some of these games in Room 15?


  1. Yes... I was amazed at the surf. A lot cooler than our bluegrass!

  2. because it is stripy
    it is awesome, no
    try and kill a chocolate unicorn, yes, yes

  3. Hi Stephanie

    I think that you had to balance a huge piece of chocolate on your head and if you won you could eat it.

    I am not sure but from the looks of the photo it seemed you were winning.

    Yes I would because I like to try new things.

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    I think by the looks of the pictures, you had a very good time and
    it also looked like you learnt new stuff.

    I think I would like to come so I could learn new stuff and share it with people.

  5. Hey Stephanie

    1.I think it's called Tiger Pie because it sort of looks like a tigers prey when he's starting to tear at it.In the middle blood then outside of the middle the teared meat and then the untouched skin.
    2.I don't know because everyone has different tastes.
    3. No and No

  6. Hi Stephanie

    Tiger pie looked like a soup.
    It looked like you had a great time.
    I think you won it.
    Play the games

    from usha

  7. Hey Miss Thompson

    1.Im not so sure???

    2.I think they would like a nice library like this:)

    3.I think you had to put your head back.and yes I think Rm15 would love to try it. And im not so sure if you won.

    From Teah

  8. it called tiger pie because it has lots of mushy peas and gravy
    i think the would like a libary like that one in the picture
    from adil hussain at rhyddings business and enterprise school

  9. looks like a lot of fun but the pie look very appetising but i do like pie :)


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