Sunday, 5 May 2013

Welcome back to term 2

Hi Room 15

I hope you all had a splendid holiday. I’ve spent a fair bit of time on planes this holiday. First I flew up to Auckland to go to a conference and see my parents. They are building a house in Mangawhai, which is about 90 minutes drive north of Auckland. 

My parents' new house!

Next, I flew back to Wellington to do some marking and school work before going on another plane this time to Australia. This plane ride was really bumpy because of the strong winds. We were almost 30 minutes late into Melbourne.

Leaving Wellington for Australia

First I went to Melbourne where I visited a lovely Year 7 class. I learned some things about teaching inquiry and then I talked to the class about our passion projects as this class is doing the same thing. I really loved the old buildings in Melbourne. The trams were lots of fun to ride as well. 

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

Then it was on yet another plane... can you guess what city I am in now?
Where is your teacher?

How was your holiday?

What did you do?

What are you looking forward to this term?


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  2. hey stephanie,

    my holiday wasnt what i was hoping for but it turned out alright.

    in the holidays i went swimming with my family,and pretty much stayed home on the games!! :)

    this term i am looking forward to getting merits and particapating in activities

    by Amara

    1. hey stephanie,

      my holiday wasnt what i was hoping for but it turned out alright.

      in my holidays i went to the swimming pools with my family and pretty much stayed home on the games!!! :)

      this term i am looking forward to get merits and participating in activities.

      and i think that picture was takin at sydney harbour bridge

      by amara

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    My holiday was really good because all of my family came to my house for one week.
    I went to my friends birthday and I had so much fun.
    I am looking for words to doing kapahaka.
    from Rosalie

  4. My holiday was realy boring because i did nothing but play on the computer.

    I just played on the computer.

    Im looking ford to playing dodgball.

  5. Teah aspinall8 May 2013 at 12:11

    Hi miss

    I hope your having are great holiday you look like your having a great time in Aussie your so lucky and I hope you have a safe flight back to Wellington see you when you get back:)

    From Teah

    1. hi stehanie

      my holiday was fun
      all i did was computer ps3 and outside
      im looking forward to woodwork and new things like maths
      and literacy.

  6. Hey

    my holidays were great and fun(:

    i went to bowling and that was really fun even know i lost (:

    what im looking forward to this term is cross country so fun (:

  7. Hi Stephanie

    My holiday was awesome in other words epic

    I did a lot of crafty things like make pottery things for three days make a real ring as well as a bracelet and two necklaces.

    I looking forward to having a fun term.



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