Monday, 27 May 2013

Social Media in schools

Have a read of this article about a school in Wellington that has been asking students to log into social media sites like Facbook and for teachers to check.

What do you think of this?

Should schools control what happens online on sites like Facebook after school hours?

Should students be giving passwords to social media sites to teachers?

How could parents find out more about what their children are doing online?


  1. Hi
    i thought that it was a innovation of privacy. I think they shouldn't get involved in after hours. No they should ask parents. Get thier pascodes or add them as a friend on faceook.
    From giorgi

  2. Hi Stephanie

    1. I think it's not fair because its children's privacy.

    2.No because children have private stuff on there facebook accounts.

    3. No because teachers might interfaith with kids accounts .

    4.Asking there children to see what they have been doing on Facebook.

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    Not good because it is bad for kids, no because, it's the kids responsibility, and no again because just don't let them it's just not good.
    By Zane

  4. Hi Stephanie
    Nate and I (Jono) think this is outrageous because people
    do not want their teachers to know their passwords.

    No they shouldn't control it but if something bad got
    brought to school they shouldn't go on their accounts
    they should be asking what happened instead

    No students shouldn't be because people usually have the
    same password for most things

    Parents could monitor by looking on the computer history

  5. Hi Stephanie
    I think it's not good that they did that because it's an invasion of the students privacy.
    If it's after school then teachers shouldn't try to control what happens but if it's happening during school hours students shouldn't even be on social media sites.
    No students shouldn't be giving passwords to teachers because you should never give away passwords because once someone else knows it anyone can have access to it.
    Parents could ask their children what's happening and if fights are taken from Facebook or Twitter and have come to school teachers should call the parents and get them involved.


  6. nick, ethan and ram28 May 2013 at 10:21

    Hi Stephanie

    We think that it is a invade of the kids privacy.
    No they should not.
    No they shouldn't because it is nothing to do with the teachers.
    get a fb for them self
    ethan, nick and ram

  7. Jullian & Luke28 May 2013 at 10:21

    Hey Stephanie
    It's Jullian and Luke

    We think it's not OK because it's rude and a invasion of privacy.

    No because it's after school and teachers don't have control to students after school hours.

    No we think not because it's private and it's personal

    They could find out more by asking their children instead of invading their privacy

    We have 1 question, what do you think about all of this.

    From Jullian and Luke.

  8. Hey Stephanie
    I think that the teacher shouldn't go on students facebooks because that is jut invading their privacy.
    Even if its after school teachers should not go on students facebook pages.
    No because students may not like that.
    By asking the child.
    From Rosalie and Grace and Amara

  9. Hey
    what i think is that we should be aloud to have a facebook account so we can talk to people online when its really important.

    schools should not control what happens online because if they did they would be able to see our messages to other people.

    students should not be giving passwords to teachers because if they do the teachers will look around and find some stuff that the students might have thats private.

    the way for the students parents to find out more about the child is to add them as a friend on facebook

  10. Hi Stephanie
    I think that the school should talk to the parents first so the parent's can talk to the children about there accounts, then they should look at the kids face book account.
    It is not the best idea for a school teacher to go on a students log on, because they might have private or personal information on there and it is best if the parents say okay for the teachers to look on the account.
    No it is not okay to show other teachers the students accounts it is embarrassing for the student and mean. It is non of the teachers business to look through the students personal life.
    The parents need to talk to the children more to find out what they are doing. But the parents should only let the children on at a older age like 15 when they are much more mature.

    From Elizabeth

  11. Hey Stephanie,

    I think that kids should be allowed to have a Facebook
    because kids just talk to their friends and they only
    usually just play games on Facebook.

    I think teacher shouldnt be allowed to go on other peoples
    accounts because kids should have their own privacy.


  12. hi miss Thompson,

    I think that the school should not be invading the students privacy on on line profiles even if it has to do with bullying.the school should ask the parents first about entering students profiles because they have been the ones who have allowed there child to have a facebook profile. If there was a fight about sybar bullying on facebook then the school should sort the problem out like a normal bullying problem and not access the students facebook accounts unless they have permission from the parents not from the student.No the students should never give there passwords to the teachers or anyone else because they might want to look at your account and people that might overhear the student saying the password might want to hack into there account and change there profile.Parents could ask the child what has been happening though but the teachers shouldn't get envolved.

  13. Hey Stephanie

    I don't think that it's fair to even ask the students for their passwords and I don't think the school should even dare think of controlling the students after school hours and the students shouldn't give their passwords to anyone.I think that the parents should check their child's facebook account.

  14. Hi Stephanie,

    I think we should be alowed to have a facebook
    acount if our parents are ok with us haveing an
    a account and are monitoring the account. No because thats should be the parents responsibility. We shoulden't be giveing our passwords to anybody but maby our parents. The parents should have access to our account, eg being friends on facebook.

    From Joshua


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