Friday, 17 May 2013

The power of concentration

We all know that we need to practice a skill in order to get better. However it is important to remember that practice isn't just doing something again and again, it requires you to focus on the task at hand. To be concentrating on getting better.

Have a look at this video.

What does it teach you about the power of concentration?

How has your concentration been in school this week?

Can you think of the last time you concentrated? When was it? What were you doing? What did it feel like?


  1. Hi Stephanie

    It shows me that the power of concentration is a very hard skill to learn and it looks amazing once you have mastered it. My concentration is school has been great in running cross country I concentrated on running and got a good time.The last I consecrated was in P.E. today I had look for a gap to fun pass people to get the ball it wasn't really much concentration though not like the woman in the video.

  2. Hey Stephanie
    I think that this clip teaches you about concetration because if she wasn't concentrating it wouldn't work

    I have used concentration this week at my hockey trials and practice

  3. Hi Stephanie

    The video teaches me that the more you concentrate the better you get at it.

    I've been concentrating a lot in class because i have been getting on with my work.

    The last time i concentrated was when i just did the post it felt like doing my work very quickly.

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    I think the video shows concentration by keeping your mind on the thing she's doing at not on anything else.

    I've used concentration this week in woodwork by focusing on the one thing.

    From Joshua

  5. Hi Stephanie

    I think the power of concentration teaches you,you can do anything if you concentrate.Yes have concentrated this week because I got most of my work done.Today I concentrated on my basic facts and it was very pressurising because really wanted to get it all right.

    From Ethan

  6. Hi stephanie

    The video teaches me that the more you concentrate the better you get at what you are trying to suceed.

    I have been concentrating on my work this week by getting my work done.

    The last time I concentrated was when I did this blogpost.

  7. Hi Stephanie
    It tell's me that concetration is a very hard skill to learn.My concetration this week has been good because i have been getting my work done. The last time i concetrated was when i was doing basic facts it was hard.
    From Luke

  8. Hi Stephanie,

    I think the video is trying to teach us abut concentration by saying if you concentrate hard enough great things can be achieved. My concentration for this week has been 70% on school work and 30% on goofing around. I remember the last time I was concentrating was when I was playing video games, it was yesterday and it felt like I was floating in the ocean, it like I was going with the flow. When was the last time you concentrated?

    From Ram

  9. hey

    It shows me that the power of concentration is a really hard skill and its not concentration this week at school has been alright i wouldn't say really good but alright.

    Last time i concentrated was when i was in a math group and i had to do this really hard math question it felt really good i felt like i was thinking straight :)
    From Quintin

  10. Hi Stephanie

    This video teaches me that if you concentrate you can accomplish anything if the lady in the video can do that by concentrating (and practice) then maybe even I could do that by concentrating (and practising).

    My concentration has been a bit off this week because I have been losing things a lot, I've been messing around a bit too. But all my work has been brought in.

    The last time I was concentrating is probably today when I was writing a comment and I felt frustrated because I couldn't think of what to say but I finally have finished.

    From Grace

  11. hi miss Thompson,

    this video shows me that the power of concentration is very over powering but once you have mastered this skill it is amazing to use and to watch.
    My concentration has been very week as I keep getting distracted by other jobs and my friends
    The last time I concentrated was when I was playing a game called 'FTB' otherwise known as 'Feed The Beast' and I was playing with my brother.Its a designer game like minecraft and you play on severs with people around the world.


  12. Hi Stephanie
    That video is amazing!
    That video taught that if you concentrat on something you get really good at it.
    My concentration in school has been great. The only thing is that you need to concentrat on a lot of school work:)
    I am concentrating right now while I am writing, I am also feeling a bit anoyed right now because I pressed a wrong botton on the key board and the other writting I wrote was deleted, that's why I am concentrating because I don't want this one deleted.

    From Elizabeth

  13. Hey Miss

    1.Im not so sure but I think it would take alot of practise.
    2.I dont know.
    3.Im not so sure.

    From Teah

  14. Hey Stephanie,

    In that video that we watched shows me that practice makes perfect
    and to concentrate on something and not stopping just keep going.

    The last time I was trying to concentrate was in P.E I was trying not to stop and it worked, so yeah, Concentrate and you get there.

    What do you concentrate on?


  15. Hey Stephanie

    I think it teach's you to concentrate with what your doing.
    Good but sometimes it gets hard I don't concentrate.
    I can not remember what time it was and .
    from Rosalie

  16. Hi Stephanie.

    I think the power of concentration tought me, that by concentrating you can do anything just by concentrating your energy and yourself into to one thing.

    A few weeks ago when I played some rugby and I had to fend off some people and step them to a try, I concentrated on getting a try.

    Do you have a concentration moment in life too.

    From Jullian.

  17. Hi Stephanie
    That power of concentration is very hard to do it and tell you to concentration what
    you are doing.
    Hard and sometimes it is good people start talking when everyone is talking.
    The last time was went it was quit.

  18. Hi miss

    1.I think if you concentrat you can do alot of stuff.

    2. It has been ok.

    3.I dont remember.

  19. Oh my gosh i love it how u put there voices behind the vidio


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