Friday, 24 May 2013

Highlights from the week

This week has been a busy week for Room 15. Assembly, running, tech challenge, and more running Untitled

 What was your highlight for the week?

How have you used determination this week?

What do you want to improve on next week?



  1. Hi Stephanie,

    1. My highlight of the week was Tom because he was pushing me really hard to run.

    2.I have been improving my running times because Tom pushing me.

    3.I want to get a good time in cross country.

    From Joshua

  2. Hi Stephanie
    My highlight of the week was assembly and being a host because it was really fun.
    I have used determination this week in training for cross country because I tried to run as much as possible and not walk it.
    next week I want to improve my cross country time.
    What was your highlight?

    From Helen

  3. Dear Stephanie

    The highlight of our week is improving our Cross-Country times
    and playing dodgeball

    We have used Determination this week by focusing in P.E and in Class

    We would like to improve our Attitude in Class

    From Nate and Nick

  4. Hi Stephanie
    This week has been really busy for the whole of the class. But I have some highlights...
    I have two highlights from this week, first art academy it is lots of fun and I have made a hand made art book and secondly our class run a school assembly, we made it entertaining and funny.
    I have worked really hard on my art book I have been working on in art academy I did my best and I didn't give up even if some bits were tricky.

    I am not really sure what I want to improve on for the coming?

    From Elizabeth:)

  5. Dear Stephanie,

    I reckon my highlight from this week is Assembly. I have used determination this week by using it during assembly. I would like to improve my school work next week and also my writing

  6. Hi Stephanie
    1. My highlight for the week was when it was huia's a assembly.
    2. This week I did determination by doing the cross country practice.
    3. Next week I want to practice and practice the cross country ran.
    From Usha

  7. Dear Stephanie
    My highlight has been assemble it was really fun and we showed class team work. I used determination in cross country 14.03 really good time. I need to improve I don't know its been a great week

  8. Julian and Jono24 May 2013 at 12:15

    Hi miss

    Our highlights were getting a much faster cross country time.

    We used deteimitation by only stopping once in the track and running most of the way.

    We want to improve our times even more on the cross country course

    From Julian and Jono.

  9. Dear Stephanie

    Corban and I think the highlight of our week is probably assembly. We use determination for this week.
    And we want to improve in our work

    From Ethan and Corban

  10. Hi Stephanie

    My highlight of the week was assembly
    I have used determination in my cross country trying to do my best
    I want to improve on my tie in the cross country

    From Tom


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