Friday, 10 May 2013

Huia syndicate - I am eleven

Our class was very lucky to go the first screening of I Am Eleven at Wellington's documentary festival. We had a bit of time early in the morning so went to Te Papa before the movie. 

Next, we went to see the movie. The reason we went to see I am eleven is because the movie follows the story of 11 year olds from different countries around the world. Our syndicate was the first group to see the film and were excited to have our picture taken for the directors of the movie.
 Our trip home was a bit of a rush as we had to make the train. Unfortunately our train was cancelled so we had to take the bus.

What was your highlight of our trip into Wellington?

If money and time wasn't a problem, which child from the movie would you like to meet and why?

Did any of the kids from the movie remind you of kids from the class? Who were they and why?


  1. Hi
    My highlight of the wellingon trip was the movie and eating yummy food . If i could met any of the children in the movie i am 11 i would met the idain girl she seemed very nice and welcomeing and i have always wanted to go to indai. Well billy did remind we of scott in room 14 he was very funny and warm hearted
    From giorgione

  2. Hi Stephanie

    My highlight of the trip was hanging witrh my mates and my dad.

    Billy becouse he is really funny and i would like to see wat he is like in person.

    No none of the kids reminded me of anyone.

    From Nick

  3. Hello Stephanie
    My highlights from the Huia trip is going around Te Papa because it was fun learning cool things. I also made a new friend but I have forgotten his name. I also liked the movie it was really interesting and really funny.

    I would travel to Thailand and meet Jack, because I thought he would be a great person to talk to and learn more about how he lives and wait happens around him, because when he was talking in I am 11 he was very interesting to lesson to.

    I don't think any of the kids from I am eleven remind me of the kids in my class, because they have different lives and different talents to the kids in room 15.

    From Elizabeth

  4. Hey

    My highlight of the wellington trip was the movie because billy from the movie was really funny. If i could met anyone from the movie i would go and met billy to teach me some skills about being funny because i want to be as funny as him. Billy reminded me about all of the funny people in our class.

    From Quintin

  5. Hi Stephanie

    My highlight of the trip into Wellington was watching the movie because it's actually really interesting learning about the eleven year olds lives.

    I would like to meet the French boy; Remi, because he seems really intelligent and has great intentions for the world and his life, like he has solar panels on his house so that their not using the French electricity and it's better for the planet.

    No, none of the kids in the movie reminded me of anyone in the class.

    Which kid would you like to meet?

    From Helen

  6. Hi, Stephanie

    My highlight would be going around Te Papa exploring the exhibits and answering questions on our question sheets. I would really like to meet Billy from the movie I Am Eleven because he's funny and I think it would be cool to hang out with him. Grace from the movie really reminded me of Grace in our class, and she kind of reminded me of Helen and Michelle because Grace really liked writing and Helen likes writing and so does Michelle. Who would you like to meet and which kid from the movie remind you of anyone in the syndicate?


  7. G'day Stephanie

    My highlight from our trip was the movie and chowing down on my food.

    I would like to meet Billy from the movie I am eleven because he is funny and would make a cool friend.
    Who would you like to meet from the movie?

    No I don't think any of the kids from to movie remind me of any of the kids from the class. Do you?

    Jono out.

  8. Hi miss Thompson,

    my highlight of the Wellington trip was going to Te Papa and the documentary 'I Am 11'.
    If I could meet any of those children in that movie, I would go and see the white elephant boy and the French boy.
    Billy the English boy reminded me of a boy called Scott in room 14 because, he was very funny and he had a great attitude.

    who was your favourite kid in the movie


  9. Hey Stephanie

    Um let's see my favourite part of the trip was the movie because some bits were very funny.
    What child would I met if I could,the boy Remi because I'm curious why he thinks France is selfish.No nobody from the movie reminded me of anyone in class.well it was fun commenting bye now.
    From Michelle

  10. Greetings Stephanie.

    I hope you had a great time as I did on the trip to Wellington.

    My highlight would probably be, playing at the park and going to te papa.

    Did you have a highlight.

    In the movie I am eleven, the person I would like to meet the most is either Jack or Goh from Thailand because they seem really cool and they know how to ride elephants.

    Who would you like to meet and why.

    I can't think of any people that similar in my opinion really.Cool

    Is there someone that reminds you of anybody from the movie.

    From Jullian

  11. Hi stephanie

    1.My highlight of the trip was going to tepapa because I saw lots of new things and I loved the huge stuffed penguin.

    2.I would like to meet Billy because he is funny and smiles weird.

    3.Billy reminds me of josh because billy sounds a bit like josh w.

  12. Heeeey Miss Thompson

    1.My Highlight was Looking around Tepapa and hanging out with my firends and having a great time.

    2. Im not so sure.

    3.Nobody reminded me from anybody from the class:)

  13. Hi Stephanie,

    My highlight in Wellington was when we we went to go see
    I am eleven well kind of because it was kind of boring.

    I would like to meet Billy because he was really funny
    and I liked his sense of humour.

    I thing Billy kind of reminds me of Ram because Billy's
    funny and so is Ram.


  14. Hi Stephanie
    My highlight was Te Papa Because when we were in the nature discovery place we found a giant stuffed penguin so we kept tackling it over.
    The child that I wanted to meet was Billy because he was really funny.I wonder if the director laughed at billy too?

  15. Dear Ms Thompson

    I think my favourite highlight probably be riding the whale at the park near the harbour because I was like the whale rider.
    I like Billy because he's funny and I would like to meet him.
    I think Billy is like Ram because there both funny.

    From Ethan

  16. hey stephanie,

    My highlight of our trip was tepapa because it was exciting and I got to go in the earthquake house and I communicated with my buddy.

    the person i would like to meet is kimberly because she looks like a cool person and she doesnt speak diffrent lauguges like the other.

    i think ram and billy are in common because there funny.

  17. Hi Stephanie

    My highlight of the trip was going to Tepapa and learning about
    Earth and much more. What was your favourite part about yesturday?

    I would like to meet Kimberly from New Jersy. It is good that she knows English so it would be easier to talk to her but it would also be cool to learn a different languge. Kimberly is very flexible and i say shes really cool.

    I think that billy reminds me of Scout because their both funny and are alike. I think Grace was like Sally-ann because there both from the UK they both like writing drawing and being themselves.

  18. Hey Stephanie
    I enjoyed the movie I am 11, because it was funny and interesting.
    The person I would like to meet is Billy because he is really funny and he is aways so serious.
    Billy kinda remmines me of David and Scott because they funny and like to tell storys.

    would you guy like to be interviewed?
    by Hayley

  19. Hello I'm Jodie from Rhyddings High Schhol it looks like you had a lot of fun watching the film I am Eleven and looks like all of you get along as a class. Hope you all enjoyed it?

  20. Hi im chloe a from Rhydings it looked fun whatching the film im eleven you and your class look like a good team
    did you enjoy your time watching the movie?

  21. hi im paige from rhyddings i hope you enjoyed watching your film,it looked really fun. Was it fun?

  22. WOW, hi im Keeley and im 12 years old, reading your comments make it sound GREAT, i actually wish i was watching it wright now. you use great words when your explaining what its about. well done and hope you all enjoyed. xxx

    p.s. you sound great as a class xx

  23. hi its chloe w from rhyddings, it looks like you had fun watching a film with your schools friends and teachers, did you enjoy it? hope you did. xxxxxx

  24. hi its mehwish from rhyddings and i am twelve years old, it really looks nice how your school and teachers have gone to watch a film together and it also looks like you are having lots of fun and enjoying watching the film.

  25. hi i am lewis w from rhyddings hope you enjoyed the film and wich one was it


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