Monday, 17 June 2013

Passion Projects in Room 15

Welcome to our Quadblogging buddies from Selwyn House, Melville Intermediate and Mt Pleasant school.

This year Room 15 have been exploring passion projects. Passion projects are based on the idea of Google 20% time. 20% time is a concept from Google where employees spend 20% of their time on project of their choosing. It's a way for students to develop their hidden passions into talents.

Most of Google's innovation comes from this time. Here in Room 15 we have been busy working on our projects. As you can see from the photos, there are lots of different projects. Can you guess what some of the projects are?

We will share our passions in expo at the end of the term.

What are your  hidden passions?

How are you developing them into talents?



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  2. Hi Room 15,

    I'm Juliette from 8C and we have to do a personal project. It's when you choose nearly anything and you have to research it, set a goal, have mentor meetings and lots of other things. I have discovered I love to build, so for my project I am building a dog agility course for my gorgeous dog, Frodo. I can't see your slideshow because the web access is denied but I wish I could.

    Juliette, 8C Selwyn House

    1. Hi Juliette

      Its sounds very cool what you are doing and I would love to see how it turns out.For my passion project I am writing a script because I love drama and I need to improve on my spelling.
      From Giorgione

  3. Hi Room 15,

    It's great to see you working hard on your project. We do something like Passion Projects except it's called Personal Project. Each girl in Year 8 has to do one. Majority of the girls start with What bothers them and then builds on from that. For mine I'm creating a Youtube channel and uploading my own Nail Art tutorials.

    Charlotte 8C, Selwyn House School Christchurch, New Zealand

    1. Hi chatlotte
      That sounds really interesting what's your YouTube name? so I can see some of them
      From giorgi

  4. Hi Room 5,

    At our school we have Year 8 Personal Projects where we do something similar. For my personal project I am selling my hand-made jewellery to raise money for the Kakapo Recovery Programme.

    Have fun,
    Sarah Be, 8C

  5. Hey room 5,

    Your Passion Projects sound very similar to our Personal Projects that we are all doing as year 8's. Im learning to fly a Cessna for mine! Bank turns are the best thing to do in a cessna. To do them you have to roll the plane onto its wing at a 90 degree angle and do a 360 turn. The G-Force is AMAZING! :)

    Ella, 8C Happenings.

  6. Hi Room 15,

    Your projects look very exciting. One of my passions is sport I do nearly every sport I possibly can. At my school we have to do a Personal Project for mine I am creating a blog that will tell the people of Christchurch about all the different thing that are happening in Christchurch. This blog will be aimed for people my age and a little older (11-13). Some of the places that I will talk about on my blog is places like Gapfiller. At Gapfiller they create lots of fun sites for kids or murals in spaces where buildings have been taken down because of the earthquake. Have fun with your projects!!

    Alice, 8C Selwyn House

  7. Hi Room 15,
    We are doing a Personal Project.
    I am make a five Origami Youtube.

  8. Hi Room 15,

    Wow! You are doing some really interesting things for your passion projects. Is someone recording a song? I'm wondering what the boys with the vacuum cleaner are creating? Or is that a robot? We are intrigued..........

    I can see that you are doing a wide range of activities. I can't wait to see your final products. We'll be following with interest.

    Looks like 8C have told you a wee bit about our personal projects. Here's a link to our slideshow if you are interested.

    In Term 3 we have a big exhibition and invite our grandparents and other special people to see our projects. The other classes come and leave us comments on comment sheets or in a special book. It is a really fun afternoon. Good luck with your sharing. I am sure it will be impressive.

    All the best.

    Mrs C-M

  9. Hi room 15
    Your projects look so cool. If i got to do a passion project it would definitely do my project on sport. But for school this year we have to do a personal project. Personal project is where you have to choose any topic that you want to do, but you have to be able to gain a skill from it and it is quite hard.
    My personal project is making my own picture frame.

    Have fun with your projects.

    Mya 8B Selwyn House. ;) :) :) :)


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