Monday, 19 August 2013

Another set of Earthquakes

IMG_7366 Wellington had another set of earthquakes this weekend start just before school ended on Friday.

Unfortunately I was sick in bed but luckily I leapt into the doorway when the shaking started. As the rumble grew bigger I heard the smash of glass in my kitchen and my bookcase tumbled over.

After the earthquake, Wellington was choked by traffic and there were people swarming around in the street.

I stayed in my apartment and watched the scene from above.

Lots of my friends came to visit because they couldn't get out of the city and the day turned into an impromptu party.

How were you effected by the earthquake?

Did anyone from your family get stuck in Wellington?

Have you talked with your family about what you might do if your parents are stuck in Wellington? Why do you think it might be a good idea?


  1. Hi Stephanie

    I wasnt effected at all in the earthquake because nothing fell down and everything was in shape.

    No because my mum and dad left early before the traffic started to build up.

    Yes we have because my dad will stay up in waikanae until he can get home to us and we also keep a survival kit in the garage.

  2. Michelle And Grace19 August 2013 at 08:54

    Hey Stephanie,

    Michelle: I could feel small quakes at my house just enough to make things shake but not fall over.
    Grace: Zoe sceamed in my face and then pulled me under the door and it really hurt but i'm still alive.
    Michelle: No none of my family got stuck.
    Grace: No mine weren't either.
    Michelle: No we haven't.
    Grace: No we haven't but we talked about what we should do when he is out some other place.

    By Michelle and Grace

  3. Hey Stephanie,

    When the earthquake happened it was still school and we were at our specs. Its started to shake harder and harder.

    In Wellington my family told me what happened and updated her Facebook statuses.But they've never been stuck in town.

    I haven't talked to any of my family if y parents get stuck in Wellington because my parents don't go to Wellington and my other family live in

  4. Hi Stephanie
    I thought all of the earthquakes had finished, so that gave me a big shock when it hit. My mum was at home and picked my brothers and I up, unfortunately my dad was in town but he managed to get home a bit earlier. There hasn't been any damage to my house, but my trampoline roof has fallen down.
    If my parents were stuck in town I would be picked up by my one of my nabours, and I would stay there until one of my parents got home. I think it is a good idea to stay with my nabours because I have got someone to look after me who is responsible and could help me if I get hurt.
    From Elizabeth

  5. Hi Miss Thompson

    I was effected because heaps of my family were still in town and my little sister was at kindy and I was just really worried about all my other family.

    No Because my uncle just got in the car and drove to get all of my family.

    No not yet.But I do think it is important to talk about it.

  6. Hi Stephanie

    I wasn't effected at all because nothing fell down and everything was in shape.

    No because they were at my house.

    Yes Because if your by your self you might get hurt.

    Curly a.k.a Tom

  7. Dear Stephanie

    I didn't get effected by the earthquake in any way possible.None of my family got effected my the earthquake.No and I don't know.

    From Ethan

  8. Dear, Stephanie

    Ram was affected by the earthquake when he fell off his bed. Nate was affected when he was sitting on the toilet. No one in our families were struck in Wellington. No we haven't talked about if our parents were struck in Wellington. We think it's a smart thing to do so everything is planned out.

    -Ram and Nate

  9. Charlie & Josh19 August 2013 at 09:04


    (Charlie) not effected (Josh) Not really but my was only stuck in traffic.

    (Charlie) no none of my family got stuck (Josh)No.

    (Charlie) no not really (Josh) yes it is a good idea.

    Charlie & Josh

  10. Hey Stephanie,

    When the earthquakes we're happening, I was really scared. The shaking was going harder and harder that I was getting even more scared.

    Straight away when the earthquake started I got under the doorway ! But luckily, none of my family was injured or stuck in traffic.

    - Corban

  11. Hey Stephanie'
    I hit my heard on the art table and when ever something moves I get scared.No because when the earthquake stopped my step dad got in to his car and came back home.Yes because if another earthquake happen You might not know what to do.

    From Rosalie

  12. Zoe and Sally-Ann19 August 2013 at 09:13

    Hello Stepanie
    Zoe:I did fell the quakes we lost lights in the hallway in the living room and bathroom.
    Sally-Ann:I felt the earthquakes when I got home and in one of the big quakes at home my mum ran under the table and slaped a chair on the way too.Now she has a big bruse on her thumb.
    None of my family got stuck
    I have talked to my mum about it but not my dad.

  13. Hi Stephanie,
    I didn't feel the earthquake because I live in Australia. I was in the airport heading to Melbourne when I saw it on the news.I have never actually experiences and earthquake, but I imagine it to be very scary.
    When I was growing up I lived in Darwin which is at the top of Australia. Darwin experiences tropical storms and every now and then a tropical cyclone. I experienced 2 big tropical cyclones as a child. Our house was flooded and lots of trees were blown down. It was a little bit scary but we did lots of things to prepare. With cyclones, the bureau of meteorology keep a close eye on the radar images to track the cyclones movements. How do you know when a earthquake is coming?


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