Friday, 23 August 2013

Ashton Kutcher Speech - Teen Choice Awards (HQ)

The teenchoice awards are awards where teenagers vote on their favourite movies and TV awards.

Ashton Kutcher recently gave some awesome advice (with a bit of coarse language) on life.

Not being afraid of hard work, being thoughtful generosity and having courage are values we should all live by.

Have a think about your week.

What have you worked hard on this week? What were the results of this hard work?

Being thoughtful. How have you been thoughtful towards others this week? Have you had some moments when you needed to be more mindful of others people's feelings? What will you change next week to be more mindful of others?

Having courage. Alongside doing well in your learning, I hope you leave Room 15 with the courage to follow your own path in life. Is there a time recently when you were faced with a popular choice and the right choice? Which choice did you make? Were you happy about it? What did you learn as a result of this choice?


  1. Hi Stephanie
    I have worked hard on writing sample I think it is my best yet and I am hoping for results of the test to show that. I have been mindful sometimes I do need to work on it though. I made the choice to go for a run even though I was tried and it paid off because I am fitter.
    From Giorgione

  2. Hi Stephanie

    I have been thoughtful to others by helping Josh when he fell over on his scooter so I took him to the medical room.
    Not sure.
    I havent had a popular choice before I dont think

  3. Hi Stephanie
    Ram: I have worked on my maths. I learnt how to add fractions which help me add fractions.
    Yes i have by making a new team in P.E..
    My behaviour.
    I had a choice of working with my friends the muppets or someone i wouldn't talk to (Grace).
    I made the right choice.
    It was the right choice.
    Grace: i have been working on my writing and maths. It helps me get better in my tests and i get better on writing.
    Yes I have helped a lot of people this week.
    My attitude.
    I didn't make any choice.
    I don't know.
    I don't know.

    By Grace and Ram

  4. Hi Stephanie
    This week I worked hard on my writing sample and as the results I think t turned out pretty well.

    I think I have been mindful of others in SPEC when I've been helping Hayley.

    From Helen

  5. Quintin,Corban,Nick23 August 2013 at 12:18

    Hey Stephanie

    I have worked hard this week on my rap with Corban.

    (Corban) I worked on the rap with Quintin for our novel task.

    (Nick) I have worked hard on my reading.

    The results were good because I worked like I have never done before.

    (Corban) The results were I got it done.

    (Nick) My reading results are awesome i got from page 100 to 235 in 1 day.

    (Quintin)(Corban)(Nick) we haven't been thoughtful this week but next week we will be.

    (Quintin)(Corban)(Nick) yes.

    I will help others.

    (Corban) Thinking before saying stuff and use polite words.

    (Nick) Think before I speak.

    (Quintin)(Corban)(Nick) No.

    From Quintin,Corban,Nick

  6. Hi Stephanie
    This week I have worked hard on my Novel Study and it has turned out pretty well.

    I have not been mean to others I would be more kind to other next week.

    From Rosalie

  7. Hey Stephanie,

    This week I have worked really hard on my novel study task making a board game.

    I have been thoughtful by thinking heaps because I had a lot of decisions on what to do.

    I have a a lot of courage in me but do show.

  8. Hi Miss Thompson

    1:I really think I have worked hard on my Blog post and my writing sample and I got some Pretty good Results from you and some of my friends.
    2:I think I have Been thoughtful by cleaning up Grace and Amara's Mess. I'm not so sure???
    3: Umm Yes My cousin offered me something I didn't want but it was a tough dession for me. Yes I think I was happy.I was Proud I didn't do it.

    Thanks Teah.

  9. Hi Stephanie.

    I've worked hard at my passion project with Ethan, Usha and Corban. I have gotten our E-mail from Mr. Duncan and I've sent to him we are waiting for a response.

    I've been thoughtful by helping my group and giving them ideas for our novel study.

    I've been courageous by following my on path, I make my own decision on my life.

    From Jullian.

  10. Hi Stephanie

    I have been working on really hard on my writing assessment because I tried my hardest.
    I do not know how i did because Stephanie has not checked my work yet.


  11. Josh.W and Josh.A23 August 2013 at 12:25

    Hey Stephanie, it's Josh.W and Josh.A.

    We've been working hard on reading our novel because we got up to page 100. Josh.A says, "having got sportsmen ship and I helped Michael. Josh.A says yesterday he said he helped someone out at rugby and I need to be more mindful to Tom. I should just start being nice to him. Josh.A says sometimes and I say no. Josh.A says I've never been in those situations and same with me. Josh.A says I don't know and no for me. We don't know.

    From Josh.W and Josh.A

  12. That's such a cool video!
    It's very different and creative.
    We have been working hard on your speeches this week because we have to perform them soon.
    Maddi and Jemima
    Mt Pleasant School


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