Thursday, 1 August 2013

Our earthquake experiences

One of our quadblogging buddies, Alice, recently asked Room 15 who wanted to know how Room 15 are feeling after all the Earthquakes in Wellington.


Over the school holidays Wellington experienced hundreds of earthquakes. The largest earthquake was a 6.4 magnitude  quake that happened just after 5 last Sunday.


I live on the fifth floor of an apartment  near Te Papa so the shaking was pretty intense. All the cups fell off the shelf onto to the floor and broke which was very scary. The next day, Wellington was a ghost town as many businesses were shut. 

Since the big earthquake there have been over 1,000 earthquakes. Most of them are too small to feel but there have been a few good shakes.

What did you do during the earthquakes?

Was your family effected by the earthquakes?


  1. Hi Stephanie
    During the earthquake I was at my friends house and they have a really old house so it was moving sideways! It was pretty scary.

    My family wasn't really affected but some of my ornaments fell off the shelf and got broken.

    From Helen

  2. Hi Stephanie
    When the 6.4 earthquake hit I went under a door way because there was no table to go under. I felt most of the earthquakes at night and early in the mornings. Nobody in my family was injured, but my cousins house now has small cracks in the roof.

    From Elizabeth

  3. Hi Stephanie
    I was on the computer and my dad was out my brother and dog were in the room.The earthquake hit and I first screamed for my brother. Then went under the dinning table and then my brother came under and my dog kept going in and out of the table.
    My family was not effected by any earthquakes but our living room is under construction our roof is broken so it is very dangerous.What did you do when the earthquake hit Stephanie?
    From Grace

  4. Hi Stephanie
    In the earthquake under a door way. That night I carry round a bag with stuff in case another one hit. I was really scared.
    From Giorgione

  5. Hi MissThompson
    During the earthquakes I went under the table it was shaking.
    My family wasn't effected by the earthquakes.
    What were you doing during the earthquake?
    By Usha

  6. Hello Stephanie,

    I was skypeing my aunty at the time when the earthquake happened and I got in between my bed room door. My family wasn't effected by the earthquake because my Dad says we have very good bracing.

    From Joshua

  7. Hey Stephanie,

    Talking about the Earthquake. I went out shopping at Pak'nsave to get some groceries.Then suddenly I felt a shake heaps of people dropped there things and ran out but I couldn't because I was already at the counter When I got back home luckily there was no damage! my brothers told me what happened then my aunty rang up and asked us if we were OK. And that's all.

    Good luck Guys watchout!!

  8. Hello Stephanie

    When the earthquake hit I was just coming home from a walk. I was at the back door so I went into my laundry and stayed there.

    My family was not effected because most of them live in other places.


  9. Jullian and Luke1 August 2013 at 09:06

    Hi Stephanie.

    Jullian: What I did when the earthquake was happening was taking a nap. I did not feel it so I didn't wake up.

    Luke: i did not feel it because i was playing my ps3

    Jullian: No my family was just laughing when it happened.

    Luke: my mum asked if i was alright and i said yes

    From Jullian and Luke.

  10. hi stephanie
    I did not feel the earthquake i was in qeenstown


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