Friday, 2 August 2013

Playing to your strengths

The purpose of Room 15's passion projects is to give you time in school to turn your hidden interests into talents you are known for.

When you go to college, you get to make a lot more choices about what subjects to study before you go out into the world

You'll have lots of people telling what they think you should be doing. But it's really important that you know your strengths so you can choose your own path.

Organising bits of paper is not a strength of mine so working in office (which I did for a few years) wasn't a good fit for me. I was really unhappy in the office and these days I feel a lot better going to work.

I still have to organize bits of paper as a teacher (and it's something I still need to work on) but these days I spend more time coming up with ideas than organising paper the balance is better.

This year I've had some amazing opportunities like going to Bali with Apple and Sydney with Google by following my passions and backing it up with hard work.

What are some of your strengths?

How do you play to them in the classroom?

How will you play to them in life?

What are your weaknesses?  How will you manage your weaknesses?

What are your takeaways from this video?


  1. Very inspiring video, will do.

  2. Hello Stephanie

    My strengths are making movies and taking apart stuff and putting things back together again.

    Well I make movies in class.

    I will make movies as a living or I will be an engineer.

    My weakness is writing on paper. I will write stuff on the computer.

    sincerely TOM

  3. Hey Stephanie,

    Some of my strengths are Singing and having fun.

    In the class room play good unlike the boys.

    My weaknesses are probely when someone special to me passes.So unfortunately I cant manage it at all!

  4. Hi Stephanie
    My strengths are Maths, singing, guitar and dancing.
    I show these in the class by doing maths and I like to do singing, dancing and guitar in my passion project.
    I will keep singing I will keep my maths up and I will keep doing everything that I love.
    One of my weaknesses are writing.I will keep trying to improve my writing.
    My thoughts of the video are " I will do that man on screen I will play to my strengths at school and in life.
    What are your strengths Stephanie?
    By Grace

  5. Hi Stephanie

    I don't really know what my strengths are but I know that I hate working with paper and I would rather use the computer.

    What I take away from this video is that you can do anything you want to if you know your strengths.


  6. Zoe and Rosalie5 August 2013 at 09:10

    Hey Stephanie,

    Some of my strengths are singing and art. Rosalie

    Some of my strengths are baking and side shows. Zoe

    My weaknesses are probably(Zoe) every thing(Rosalie)making side shows.

  7. Hey Stephanie,

    Some of my strengths are baking, using computers and riding my bike. By using computers because we use them in class. Some of my weaknesses are, playing Modern Warfair and sometimes using my GoPro. I can practice more.

    From Joshua

  8. Hi Stephanie
    My strengths are doing stuff on computers .
    We make movies and do writing on the computers in the classroom.
    I will fix computers when I grow up .
    My weakness is drawing ,maths and reading.
    I will practice my drawing ,maths and reading.
    It is a good video.

    From Usha

  9. Hi Stephanie
    Some of my strenghths are fixing engines because im good at fixing engines.

    I do it the class by doing it as a passion project.

    I will play them in lfe by becomeing a machanic.

    My weaknesses are soccor so I will manage it by playing soccor with my dad.


  10. hey Stephanie

    some of my strenghts are dodge ball and kick boxing and cooking.

    my weaknesses are probably reading and maths

    by Hayley

  11. Hi Stephanie

    Well some of my strengths are playing (some) sports like rugby, basketball and some other sports. I'm also good at maths and writing.

    I use them in class when we do P.E , maths and writing

    I'll use them in life when I play rugby or basketball, I can also become a mathlete or a writer.

    My weaknesses are probably soccer and some other sports where U just stand still like netball and volley ball. I can manage them with my co-ordination of my entire body.

    The things that spoke out to me is the myths in our heads and replacing them with the truth.

    From Jullian.

  12. Hey Stephanie,

    My strengths are running and probably trying any sport that's new for me.

    My weaknesses are dodge ball and some of my education like writing and reading.

    From Corban.

  13. Hey Stephanie,
    My Strengths are Music,Spelling,Cooking and Languages.I show these by getting into music extension,being in book 9 in spelling and being in cooking academy, being able to understand 2 languages.I will play my strengths by probably getting a job that needs them.My weakness is writing and I will try to improve.My takeaways on this videos are that we already know that we need to play our strengths are and that we need to make turn our weakness into strengths.

  14. Hi Stephanie

    Ethan:Some of my strengths are running,sport,maths,being funny,Rugby and doing PE warm up.

    Nate:Some of my strengths are Hockey,English and Sports.

    Ethan:Running,sports and doing PE warm up for syndicate PE, Maths for basic facts and getting in the rugby team.

    Nate:For using my strengths in school I signed up for Boys Hockey and got into the team,For English everybody has to do English to pass the year,For Sports I try my hardest in P.E.

    Ethan:My weakness is being sick,losing, breaking a bone

    Nate:My weakness is being sick.

    Ethan:Don't get sick,don't lose, try not to do anything dangerous

    Nate: My takeaways from this video are that when you grow up you don't change you become more of yourself

    Ethan:You won't change when you grow up,you build from that.

  15. Hi Stephanie

    My strengths are rugby and dodge ball and other sports.

    My weaknesses are maths and reading.

  16. Hey Stephanie

    Our strengths are
    Nick: Soccer, Singing and sleeping, I can do that with my eyes closed, and eating

    Ram: Basketball, Writing, Eating.

    We play to them in the classroom by

    Nick: well I eat and lunch time.

    Ram: I write a lot during literacy

    We play them in life by:

    Nick: I eat and I sleep. I also play soccer on Saturdays. I sing in my spear time.

    Ram: My writing may prove to be a useful profession in life

    What are your weaknesses:

    Nick: going down a big hill on my scooter. Pushing Ethan because he broke my thumb when i pushed him last year. I can manage it by controlling myself more.

    Ram: I'm really, really stupid, maybe I can manage it by thinking before doing

    From Nick and Ram


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