Friday, 9 August 2013


Exercises that involve concentration like yoga, tai chi and meditation can help you to become more mindful people.
Being more mindful means that you are becoming a lot more aware of how your choices impact on yourself and those around you.

How are you becoming more mindful.
Think about…
Your behaviour
The way you speak and treat others
How you feel in class
Your relationships with adults
Make a quality comment to tell us what you think.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I think I have been becoming a more mindful person because because I've been more careful not to hurt others feelings,I think harder before I say things, my work has been more quality, my friendships have gotten stronger, I feel better in general and I want less useless stuff.

    From Helen

  2. Hi Stephanie
    I do yoga with my mum. When I do my yoga I feel more revealed and my flexibility is increased. Getting to that place were I am comfortable and all my problems go away. Its like therapy to me.
    From giorgi

  3. Hi Stephanie

    The thing I am changing is to not sit next to the two stooges because I talk to them every time I talk to them another thing I am changing is that I feel that I want to read more challenging books as well as I am want to do work.


    1. Hi Tom
      Learning who brings out the best and the worst of you is an important life skill. Acting on insight is even more so.


  4. Hi Stephanie.

    I feel like my concentration has change for the better, im more mindful and I've kept my head in the place it should be. I feel more calm and kinda enlightened.

    From Jullian

  5. Hi Stephanie
    1 im good at doing my work in class.
    2 Im not scared of speaking in class.
    3 Im a nice kid in class at school.
    4 i feel that my lerning is geting good at my maths
    5 I good with kids i have made new frends.
    6 It is good and they are nice
    7I want to get good at maths

  6. Hi Stephanie
    The mediation we have been doing in class has helped me lots with concentrating on things like school work and outside activities. It helps me with my behaviour, so I don't get off task or talk with the person next to me.

  7. Hi Stephanie

    I Think that this Meditation doesn't really work but sometimes it makes me fall asleep Some times it works but not all the time When we do Meditation and when I'm closing my eyes it makes me feel like I'm in wonderland.

    From Teah.

    1. Teah
      That feeling of being in wonderland is exactly what meditation is, being calm and relaxed. Some people do fall asleep as their mind is at rest and that's ok.


  8. Hi Stephanie

    I think I have been becoming a more mindful person because I have been making more progress with my work and people are starting to like me better. I don't find anything tricky about it.

    From Quintin

  9. Hi Stephanie

    The thing I'm going to do next time is not to sit next to Tom and josh because I will talk.My relationship with adults is ok but do get a bit shy.

  10. Hi miss Thompson,

    The meditation we have started to do is actually calming me down more then I expected.I am more thoughtful with my words and how I say things, I am kind of more concentrated and I'm not as silly as I was before. I'm starting to finally get some work done. !YAY!


  11. Hey Stephanie,

    I need to remember not to sit to Michael and Tom other wise we start to muck around. I speak polity
    and always look at the person I speak to. When I'm working I need to remember to not sit next to Michael and Tom or the work wont get done and I always play with Michael and Tom. I treat people the way I won't to treated. I feel like I won't to read more of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I treat adults in a polite way. I need 3 more Diary of Wimpy Kid books and then I have the whole collection.

    From Josh.W

  12. HI Stephanie,

    I'm usually behaved when doing yoga. The way I speak when I'm doing yoga is quite and calm. The way I work and play should be focused. My relationships with other kids should be nice and strong. I should feel calm. My relationships with adults should be respecting and adoring. The things I want and need will be give much more thought.


  13. Hey Stephanie,

    The meditation we have been doing in class I know my behaviour is good but not really good when Im with devices.
    During class I speak english sometimes when people make me angry i say mean things.
    I work well with my learning and I play awesome.
    To be honest Im not that good at socializing with others because sometimes Im shy!

    1. Hi Amara
      One of the purposes of meditation is to make you more aware of your emotions and to find strategies to calm yourself down.


  14. Hi Stephanie
    I think that i should improve on my behaviour a bit because everyone needs to in some way right?
    The way i talk hmm i think i can be nicer when i talk to people like i shouldn't judge people so much.
    I work good I do talk now and then but I always get my work done.I play with my friends alright i always get along with them and we have a lot of fun.
    My relation ships i'm not a fan of boys so thats bad but with the girls it's all goods.
    I feel fine i guess but in when we do meditation i feel so loose its like i'm in The wizard of Oz or Alice in wonderland.
    I always get along with my dad i get along with teachers and i get along with adults of any ages I like to get along with other people.
    The things i want are my family i need my family and friends with me through my whole life else nothing would be real to me I'm not needy!
    By Grace

  15. Hey Stephanie,

    The meditation that we started to do makes more relaxed and that's just what I need because I'm worry about me going to Japan and I'm trying to pronounce the words right and what presents I should get them and everything but thanks to the meditation I'm more calmer and relaxed so I can think about things clearly.Thanks:)

  16. Hi Stephanie

    Nick: I think the meditating is good to calm us down after morning tea and lunch.

    Ethan: I think it's calming,peaceful and good for after lunch.
    from nick and ethan

  17. Hey Stephanie,

    My behaviour is good but when I am with others I start talking to them.
    During class I speak good not bad.
    I work well with my work and play well.
    Good because I make friends fast.
    I feel good.
    From Rosalie

  18. Hey Stephanie,


    (Josh)I speak polite(Charlie)I speak with manes

    (Josh)I sometimes work hard and play fairly.(Charlie)I work at my strings and play with care.

    (Josh)being friendly (Charlie)friendly.

    (Josh) speak polite (Charlie)I speak kindly

    (Charlie)lollies the things I need are a bed (Josh) same

  19. Hey Stephanie,

    I think I have been becoming a mindful person because I have been improving on my work a lot and have been on task most of the time. What I have found tricky about it is nothing, I just relax.

    From Corban

  20. Hi Miss Thompson

    I think meditation is really good it helps me think more and it makes me feel like Im in the black hole were there is know one around me. And i would do it in my own time as well.


  21. Hi Stephanie
    I think Meditation is boring because it does nothing for me.
    I feel like I want to sleep and it makes me want to talk.
    I think I need to concentrate more.


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