Monday, 26 August 2013

Passion Projects - half way point

UntitledThis week marks the half way point for this term's passion projects.

Some of you have made some amazing progress, like Zoe who was able to have a go at covering a cake in fondant and decorating it.

We will be having a passion project expo on Thursday of the last week of term.

How are you going on your passion projects?

What is your goal for this week?

How are you documenting your progress?


  1. Hi
    Me and Helens documentary has been going good we have done editing now it just tweaking to be done. My goal for next week is to have sorted out the sound and credits.

  2. Hello,

    Sorry we havent been commenting on your blog as we have been so busy. But we were wondering how you were after the big earthquakes?

    Nadia- 8C Selwyn House.

    1. Hi
      We are fine. Just a little shook-en but nothing to wory about. Thanks for asking

  3. Hello,
    I think passion project is a great idea.
    In Selwyn House School, the Y8's are finishing up their own personal projects since they are due by next week.

    1. Hi,
      Yea passion projects are a fun way to develop skills. Thanks for the comment.
      From Giorgione

  4. Hello room 15,

    We are just checking on how you are? The earthquakes to not sound that great. Sorry we have no been commenting lately we have been very busy. Did you get any time off school dew to the earthquakes?

    Abby, 8C
    Selwyn House School,

  5. Hey Stephanie,

    Me and Rosalie are running a really poor effort on our Ibook but hopefully it will turn out Awesome!

    Our goal for this week is to get it half done.

  6. Hey Stephanie,

    Me, Michael and Quinton are doing ok but we need to work a bit harder on taking apart the engines. Our goal for the week is to get the two steros apart that you showed us. Were documenting by taking photos and then making an ibook.


  7. Hey Stephanie

    Zoe and Grace here
    Grace: Teah and I are doing good we got the lyrics now I need to play the guitar.
    My goal is to get at least half of the song done on guitar.
    Zoe: I'm doing good.
    Do be a great cake decorator by the end of the term.

    By Grace and Zoe

  8. Hi Stephanie

    My passion project is going great we are making a app .My goal for the week is to write the questions for a man who is coming to room 15 he make apps and my group are thinking what app we are going to make.

    From Usha

  9. Hi,
    This looks amazing!!! I would love to do this sometime at home.
    How long did it make to do that?
    Sophie from Mt Pleasant school

  10. That cake looks amazing!!!!
    I've always wanted to do something like that.
    It looks awesome , so cool.

    Charlotte from Mt Pleasant School


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