Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Halo Trust

We were very lucky last week to have the Halo Trust come and talk to us about the effect that rats, stouts and possums are having on our native birds.

What did you think about the presentation?

Has it made you think differently about our native birds?



  1. Hey Stephanie
    I thought they had a very good case. And Native birds are important. Both sides of the augment are important
    From Giorgi

  2. Hi Stephanie
    I really enjoyed meeting the Halo group. I thought there presentation was really Interesting and funny, I think it made everyone think about the problem with pests and caring about our special birds and Nature.
    I have always cared about birds and nature but it made me think more about getting rid of pests, and it made me think of how I could help lots.

    From Elizabeth

  3. Hey Stephanie,

    When we were at the Halo trust I was thinking this would be really boring but it was'nt it was really interesting.I never knew much about Native birds and the trap was really scary!

    When we watched the power point it made me feel sad because native birds always get attacked by rats!

  4. Hi Stephanie
    The presentation was really fun and funny they made me laugh so much. I loved the choices of nice nasty and nastier.
    Yes it has I now know that our native birds are in danger because of rats, possums and other rodents.
    My favourite part was when Nick sore because of the rodent trap.
    What is your favourite part Stephanie?
    By Grace

    1. Hi Grace
      My favourite part is see the students reactions.


  5. Hi Stephanie,
    I think the presentation was cool but some of the nasty slides were really sad.

    It hasn't really made me think differently about our native birds but it made me want to put bells on my cats collars.

    From Helen

  6. Hey Stephanie,
    Good because it was funny.
    Yes because I did not know alot about birds.

  7. Hi Stephanie

    The presentation was really interesting I loved it because it was about birds and traps and gruesome stuff.

    Now I realised that native birds are really endaged species and there are a lot of pests in New Zealand

    Sincerely Tom

  8. Hey Miss Thompson

    I think the it was all right I really liked the way they were showing us all those nasty pics.

    I'm not so sure what I think.

    From Teah.

  9. Hi Stephanie

    I think that the halo trust was really cool because everyone learnt how pest traps work and what will happen to a bird that gets caught by a rat.I really liked the halo trust and I really want to learn more.

  10. Hi Stephanie
    I loved the presentation. It had cool photos of the native birds.
    I uses to think native birds are not interesting but now I think native birds are interesting.

    from Usha

  11. Hi Stephanie,

    I think the presentation was interesting because we learnt about birds and the pest traps. I want to learn more about native birds because it's interesting.

    From Josh

  12. Hi miss Thompson,

    I thought that the presentation they made was awesome!I especially liked the nice or nasty pictures that explained what happened to the bird and some facts too.

    They also made the whole lesson fun and enjoyable, plus if you answered a question and it wasn't silly you got a sticker!

    I thought that they were awesome and they could come back any time!


  13. Hi Stephanie.
    Zoe and Hayley here it was very interesting because they told as what they do to get rat and kill them and what they are doing to our birds and that we can stop them by setting up traps to kill.
    Yes because there are rats and possums out were birds live and nest.
    Our fav part was when Nick said the bad word it was really funny.

  14. Jono and others6 August 2013 at 09:16

    Hey Stephanie

    I(Nick)think that the halo trust was really persuasive.

    And I (Jono) Thought it was the bees knees.

    And I (Nate) Think that Halo Trust was Cool because of the possum and rat scene and because It was very persuasive.

    From Jono, Nick and Nate

  15. Hello Ms. Thompson

    Well what I thought of the presentation was that it was a good, it was interesting nasty bits were probably the best cause it was kinda boring.

    Yes it has it, now I know native birds are more special than I thought.

    From Jullian

    1. Hi Jullian
      Remember to be careful with your language on blogs. Instead of saying it was 'boring' perhaps you could say that you didn't find the topic interesting.


  16. Wow! I would have loved to have them come to our school.
    You are so lucky!

    Sarah Be from 8C

  17. Hello Stephanie
    Zoe and Hayley here it was about birds and rats how to help them to stop killing our birds we need.It was really well done they told as thing really well.Its made me think differently by setting up traps to kill rats that are killing our birds.


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