Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pictures from the past

Earlier in the term we looked at a photo from the french artist Villemard. He made a whole lot of postcards of life in Paris in the year 2000 from way back in 1910.

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Your noticings, your wonderings, what makes the images seem futuristic but also set in the past.


  1. Hi Stephanie
    The pictures are all really pretty and very interesting and the ones where they are flying are so cool. I wish they were all real.
    From Helen and Giorgione

  2. Hey Stephanie,

    My noticing are there are flying cars and men with wings.
    Why did he make postcards that look wired?
    The way they look and the colours because he drew them on little pieces of paper.
    Form Rosalie

  3. Hi Stephanie

    My noticeings are that the people drawing these pictures were trying to predict what the future might be like.

    It looks futureistic because the machines they are using look really old.

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    The pictures are cool and very interesting and i wish they were real

    by Zane

  5. Hey Stephanie

    I really liked all of the postcards but,my favourite postcards were the ones with the planes and flying machines.I was just asking where did you get all of the postcards?

    From Ethan

  6. Hey Stephanie,

    I really liked the images, it made me feel like I was set somewhere else.
    It also felt like a dream come true, with magical powers ;)
    Just wondering what kind of powers they were ?

    - Corban

  7. Hi Stephanie

    I like the pics because that's what the people in the 1910s think what it is going to be like in h 1910s but actually the inventions look like what has been invented sooner than they think.


  8. I really liked the images it felt like I was set at a different place at a different time. It seems like it was futuristic because the some of the stuff like planes had different type of wings but they were made in the past.


  9. Hey Stephanie,

    I like the pictures because they just look interesting. They also look like there in the 1915s because the pictures look really really old.


  10. Hey Stephanie
    I noticed that the pictures were very odd and strange sort a like the future. The one that looks the most real would have to be the sixteenth it's normal just people at the subway or train station.
    Why did people think that we would evolve or change so suddenly?
    it looks futuristic because the bat like wig things are like jet packs but a bit different yet the drawings were in the past


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