Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A day at a conference.

Conferences follow a similar format all over the world. During the day I spend a lot of time in meeting rooms learning more about apple products. Today I learned more about iBooks author, Keynote and App Development.

Sometimes the conference gets together as a big group to listen to speeches.

And sometimes we play games. I got up on stage in front of a couple of hundred people to do an improv game And then... with a lovely American woman called Rebecca. We will have a go at playing it when I get back.


The hotel I am staying at has four different swimming pools. The best bit is that there is a water slide from one pool to another. I took this video with my waterproof camera.

After spending time in the pool we got to eat dinner right by the pool which was pretty neat.

Staff preparing for our dinner out by the pool.

I hope you enjoy Fun Run. Who had the best costume? Until tomorrow,



  1. Hi Stephanie

    Its sounds like alot of fun, I hope you did.
    What happened at the confrence was it bad or good, did have a say and what was the main thing

    Reply back, Thanks

  2. Hi Stephanie
    The Fun Run was great and we all looked pretty cool in our fairy costumes, I'm not sure who had the best costume because they were all pretty neat.

    How was the conference? What sort of games did you play? Were they fun?

    See you tomorrow,


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