Friday, 15 March 2013

Learning from Nathan Sawaya

This week you watched a video about lego artist Nathan Sawaya. His story is quite extraordinary as he first started working as a laywer. He was making a lot of money as a lawyer but was then offered $13 an hour to work as an artist for lego. Now he earns lots of money building fantastic sculptures out of lego.

How do you think Nathan became so talented at making lego sculptures?

Do you agree that making things out of lego is art? How so? 

What do you think Nathan's story can teach you about making big changes in your life?

What do you think Nathan's passion is? How has it made him successful?


  1. hi
    I think we all have natural talents and mabey his is lego.I think anything you but work your hardest on and put time and thought into it is art.It can teach us to follow our dreams.His passion is lego and building what ever he wants out of it, he has made it successful because he is doing what he loves!
    from giorgi

  2. 1.Making lego and creting what he will make.

    2.yes because not many people around the world can to stuff like that and make lego sculpters.

    3.Because hes telling you that you should enjoy your job.

    4.Making lego and turning it into art.showing people around the world.

  3. Dear Stephanie
    1. I think he practiced Lego lots when he was little, or he might of had someone in his family who was really creative that he caught it off.

    2. Well anything could be art, like making jewelry out of grass making houses out Lego like Nathan. That's what I think, you might think of something else.

    3. Anything you enjoy you could do it all you're life, never give up on it.

    4. His passion to me is making Lego art because he talked about Lego, and in the video he told us that he makes things out of Lego almost every day. He has made it successful because he never gave up on Lego and he now has made it into a job that he enjoys.

    From Elizabeth

  4. Hi Stephanie
    I think Nathan became so talented making lego sculptures by practising and persevering.

    Making things out of lego is totally art because creating and designing is art.

    Nathan's story can teach us that to do something you really enjoy is more important than heaps of money, but he's making more money now any way!

    I think Nathan's passion is building things out of lego and it made him successful because he took it to the next level and started making big sculptures.

    From Helen

  5. hi Stephanie
    Nathan is really talented because he sarted out building stuff when he was little boy.

    I do agree lego is art because you can make sculptures with it.

    Nathan's story can teach you to get a job that is fun not a job that can give you lots of money.

    Nathan's passion is to make lego sculptures and he is successful because he makes lots of famous
    art with lego now.

  6. Hi miss

    Anything can be art if you can make it.

    Do what you want to in life.

    His passion is lego sculpting and it has made him successful because there aren't many lego artists around.


  7. I think he was so talented at building lego because he started making lego as a kid and keeped building lego as he got older taking them apart and putting them together.

    Lego is art its just 3d art.

    He tought me you should go for what you love to do.(I will go for what i love)

    Nathans passoin is lego making it pulling it apart. Its made him succesful because hes doing what he loves and others love what he does.

  8. hi miss,

    i think that we can all do a type of art, the most popular is drawing and painting. Nathan's talent is of course lego witch is in some peoples cases weird and different.he has put a lot of time into mastering lego. If you put a lot of time and effort in the things you love you can for fill your dreams. Nathan's passion is probably lego and because the sculptures are odd and rare in some cases lots of people would offer a lot off money for them, so yes i do think it has made him successful.

  9. Dear Stephanie,

    I think Nathan became so good at making things with lego because he was really creative and artistic.

    I agree that making thins ith lego is art because you are buildig things and making sculpures which is pratically art.

    Nathan's story taught me to do something I like rather than something I don't like because doing something I like for a really long time will let me improve.

    I think Nathan's passion is architeture and he has been succesful in life because he puts his lego art in museums and sometimes people but the things he builds.


  10. Hey Stephanie

    1.Because he loved making things with lego.
    2.Yes,Because everything you make is a type of art.
    3.Don't know.
    4.Lego,I don't know how to explain.

  11. Hi Stephanie
    I think Nathan was talented at lego making because he started when he when was five and he kept practicing and making different things.

    I think making things is art because everything is art. If it's got imagination in it its art.

    Nathan's story teaches us how important it is to follow what you love.

    Passion made him keep practicing. Passion made him keep trying and not quictting.


  12. Hi Stephanie
    I think he is good because he's been doing it sense he was 5 years old.I think Lego is art because its just like a sculpture and a sculpture is art.its good to something you like because it could end up being a very good job.His passion is Lego because he builds it all the time, Lego has made him successful because he's really good at it .

  13. Hello Stephanie.

    I don't know how he became talented at making lego, maybe because he started playing with LEGO when he was 5.

    I think LEGO art is also real art because anything is art, art is in the eye of the beholder.

    Well I haven't seen his story so I dont know how it's gonna change my life.

    I'm not sure but it sounds like LEGO. LEGO made him succesful by making sculpture. Out of them.


  14. Dear Ms Thompson

    I think he got talented because he's been playing with lego every since he was five.

    I think lego is art because you make anything out of it.

    That you can do anything you want.

    Lego is his passion and he very successful in life now

    From Ethan

  15. Dear Miss
    1.I think that he really loved lego so he wanted to take it to the next level.
    2.Yes I argee.
    3.Im not so Sure??
    4.He wanted to make differnt changes in his life.

  16. Hi miss

    Because he started at 5.

    Yes because people can admire it.

    Helping you make a choice in life.

    ?Lego art and because its something he liked to do.


  17. Hey
    I think Nathan became talented because maybe every day he played with lego

    i think playing with lego is art because its being creative

    it made a change to my life because he made me realize that its not about the money

    i think his passion is to build stuff out off things

  18. He probably prcticed heaps and then put it on youtube

    yes because he is building a scolpture

    it can teach us to do what we enjoy and dont give up

    he likes lego and he put it on youtube then he went virel

  19. hey stephanie

    i think he came talanted because he practice alot and gets beter.

    it makes change lego is art but 3d

    he made it succsesful because hes talanted and yea

  20. Heeeeey,

    I think Nathan's gift is to Lego build and

    he is very very talented.

    He made me realize its not about the money, its

    about what you can do with stuff you probably would want

    to do for a life time :)

  21. Hi
    Think that Nathans gift is awsome
    it is not all about money it is all about going for you dream
    about what you can do in life


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