Friday, 22 March 2013

Showing tenacity

Yesterday we thought more about what we needed to do develop our passions into talents. We watched the trailer for a documentary that follows a group of students hoping to have a career  in dance. Tenacity, not giving up when something is difficult, is talked about in the clip as being the most important quality in a dancer.

How have you shown tenacity in your learning this week? Give an example.

One of the students in our class said you needed to practice a skill three times before you can learn it. Do you agree? Why?

What do you think drives the dancers to practice for hours and hours a day?


  1. Hey Stephanie I show tenacity each
    time I play hockey because if I didn't
    what's the point of playing
    so "Go hard or go home"

  2. Heey Stephanie,

    I always show tenacity by when i go for
    runs with my brother, i really need to stop
    but for my brother i keep going

    "Try your best"

  3. 1.yes,by finishing my book.

    2.No because you cant just have a car drive 3 times and then become a really good racer.

    3.Confidence and succiedind there goal

  4. Hi Stephanie
    I think I have shown tenacity in my work this week because I didn't give up when I was trying to do place value with decimals.

    I don't agree because you need to practice something for a thousand hours before you become an expert.

    I think the want to become a great and famous dancer drives them to work for hours a day.

    From Helen

  5. Dear Ms Thompson

    By not giving up in learning.No I think you train for much longer then that.Your passion for what ever your doing.
    From Ehan

  6. hey
    I've been doing good this week in my reading because i have been reading long amounts of reading
    yes i agree because practice practice practice makes perfect
    the fact that they never give p on there dream

  7. hi
    I have in my wakeing up wakeing up everyday.No it takes time to learn something.because they love doing it.
    from giorgi

  8. yes i have i did the haker no i do not agry becase it takes hoyrs never give up by zane

  9. yes i just started my book

    yes so you can be good at your dream

    yes to follow their dream

    by tom

  10. Dear Stephanie,

    I have learned a new way of seeing decimals this week. I do agree with practising the skill three times because makes perfect. I think being famous and doing something great in their lives is what drives them to practise for hours.


  11. Hi miss im not so sure
    from teah

  12. hi miss,

    ive been going really well in my poetry because i hae been reading lots of poems.yes i agree because practice practice practice makes perfect
    the fact that they never give p on there dream.

  13. I have been practising for rugby an now im good at it.

    im trying to be a pro at rugby

  14. Hey Stephanie

    1.yes when I was practicing my Guitar and I couldn't get the not's right but I still kept practicing and I got the notes right.
    2.No, because three times isn't nearly enough.
    3.Because you sometimes need to be flexabile to dance sometimes.

  15. i have been practicing for softball i really want to succsed in softball.
    passoin and support
    I dont agree because you should start to learn and go on not teachng yourself you might do something wrong

  16. Dear Stephanie
    1. I am not sure what to right for this question.
    2. No because it takes lots of hours of practice allmost everyday if you want to be good at it.
    3. Because some might enjoy what they are doing and never giving up on their dreams.

  17. hey miss
    we don't know what tenacity means.

    Sorry, Nick and Jono

  18. what does tencity mean?

    And meanwhile go look at our page 'ShirelandBlogs'


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