Monday, 18 March 2013

Where is all the rain?

 The early part of Autumn has been very dry in New Zealand.

Here in Wellington we've had our first rain in weeks. Our field is looking a bit dusty and Colonial Knob is now a drab brown.

Wellington has water restrictions in place.

What are you doing to save water?

What do you think you should you do when you see someone wasting water?


  1. Dear Stephanie,
    1. I am going to save water by taking less showers.

    2. I would say stop wasting water other wise we will have no water.

    From Josh

  2. hi miss,

    me and my mum save water by washing our car in the rain.we just use soap and a sponge and let the rain wash the soap of.if you see someone washing their car with a hose or you see sprinklers or even someone secretly watering their garden the go and tell your parents and they will sort it.

  3. Have short showers.I dont know.

  4. hi Stephanie

    i think im saving water by not wasting it like not using the hose and getting water but not driking it.

    i think i should save even more water.

    if i see someone wasting water i would stop them and tell them whats going and why you shouldnt do that.


  5. Hi stephanie
    wellington concile has a put a ban on any outdoor water use.I think we should remind people about the ban.
    from giorgi

  6. Dear Stephanie
    We have been saving more water then we use to, because we got big bottles of spring water that we use for drinking water. And tap water is now used mostly for big dishes.

    I think I should try and collect rain water, so that we don't wast to much tap water. Plus it could be emergancy water.

    From Elizabeth

  7. Dear Stephanie

    I will save water by not taking as much showers.I think I should save as much water as I can.

    From Ethan

  8. Hi Stephanie it is Tom here.

    We are not doing anything yet to save water.

    When I see someone wasting water I will say stop wasting water.

    By Tom

  9. Dear Stephanie
    To save water I'm not going to use any water outside.
    I think i should tell people to use less water.

  10. Hi Stephanie
    To save water I am putting a bucket in the shower to wter the garden with later and I am turning the tap off when I clean my teeth.
    If you see someone wasting water you should say something to them.

    From Helen

  11. Hi Miss Thompson.

    I'm going to save water by not using as much water when taking showers.

    I think I should tell everyone to use less water.


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