Sunday, 10 March 2013

Purple Cake Day

Room 15 joined up with Room 16 to organize a purple cake day at TIS. Purple cake day is a day for kids around New Zealand to fund raise for kids' education in developing countries. Our event raised over $160 for kids in developing countries.

 How did you enjoy purple cake day? 

 What should we do differently next time?

What learning areas do you think our fundraiser was?

You can view our purple cake day, set on Flickr.


  1. 1. I enjoyed eating the cupcakes but next time we need to make more.

    2. We should make cakes instead of cupcakes.

    3. #Science

  2. i enjoyed purple cake day because the cupcakes were delicious and it was on the same day as bullrush.
    I think we should of done them both at morning tea for a snack aswell as lunch.
    I think that the hashtags/areas were creativity and socail studies.

  3. 1. I think purple cake day was really cool but we should of made more cupcakes.

    2. Next time we should make more cupcakes so that everyone can get a cupcake.


  4. Hello Miss Thompson.

    I enjoyed purple cake day by playing tackle BALLRUSH!!!

    The thing we should do next time is make diffrent shape cakes.

    I think the learning area was about helping countrys.

  5. I enjoyed purple cake day because the cakes were so yummy and I liked making them too.

    we should have purple clothes.

    the learning area was science I think.

  6. Dear Miss Thompson
    Purple cake day was a good day because it was fundraising for kids all a round the world we should make big cakes so we can make more money
    from zane

  7. Miss Thompson
    I think that the value of Purple Cake Day for those people who receive the money will be immense and I think that instilling the value of the day in your students is just as important. What item was your best seller? Would you see more of that again if you had the chance? Is there a way that you could turn that into a lesson with your students.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  8. Nice work room15 and 16 making the cupcakes and selling it

  9. Elizabeth's homework task number 21 post a comment.16 March 2013 at 20:08

    Dear Stephanie
    I think that purple cupcake day is a great way of helping other kids around the world. I am very impressed that it went well, and we sold all of the cupcakes. I think we should do it every year to support kids that need it. We could have two different classes selling them every year.
    From Elizabeth

  10. Hello! Im Subeg from Shireland Collegiate Academy, you on our Quadblogging timetable!

    I'd love for our school to have a purple cake day! MMMMM.....Purple Cake!! However we do have cake sales!


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