Monday, 25 March 2013

More fun from Bali

One of my favourite things about going to different countries is trying different types of food. Here is some of my breakfast from today. At the front is snake fruit which is named because the skin of the fruit feels like snake skin. The inside is really yummy too. The fruit behind is called rambutan and tastes like a cross between a plum and a peach.

This man was nice enough to let me have a go on his musical instrument during the break. It's like xylophone made out of bamboo branches.

Right by the hotel is a temple. My Dad went to the same temple back in 1972! There are a lot poisonous sea snakes in the area which are said to guard the temple from intruders.


The weather is so hot but I'm lucky enough to be staying at a place with a pool. There's also a very awesome waterslide.  Do you think I should take a video going down the slide using my waterproof camera?

Until tomorrow. Good luck with raising money for Fun Run!



  1. Steph, it looks like you are having an amazing time. Breakfast looks delicious, I totally agree, trying news food is exciting. I will never forget the delicious pastries and fruit juices I had for breakfast in Egypt, heaven :)

    Keeping enjoying yourself, we are holding the fort for you back here in nearly sunny Tawa!

    1. Hi Gemma
      Thanks for your comment. This conference is O for awesome. I've got heaps of stuff to share with you and Alex when I get back.


  2. Hello Stephanie
    I bet you are enjoying your time!
    I think it would be great if you video yourself going down the water slide. The Fun Run money has improved lots compered to last year.
    Cant wait until you come back I am starting to miss you.
    From Elizabeth

  3. Hi Stephanie

    Its Looks Like your Having a good time there we really miss you Its been boring with out you take care look after see you when you get back
    Teah xxx

  4. Hi Stephanie
    we really miss you and I would be great if you video yourself going down the water slide.

  5. Hi stephaine
    Were are just doing some catch time before we get into or fun run costumes! looks like your having a wonderful time there.Hope your having heaps fun and miss us ;)
    from giorgi :)


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