Friday, 1 March 2013

Persistence - not giving up

Basketball Sometimes life doesn't seem very fair. You might do badly on test or not get chosen for a team.

You might feel badly and want to give up.

If you talk to famous successful people you might find that they have suffered many setbacks in the lives.

In fact one of the world's most famous basketballers,  Michael Jordan, was not picked for his high school team.  Instead of giving up he decided to practice every day and became one of the world's most famous basketballers.

Have you ever suffered a setback in your life?

What did you do to overcome it?


  1. Yes,i have not getting into sports com.I still think i should have got in.But i have to get over it and just be the best person i can be and mabey prove that i should have!
    so i just keep on keeping on.
    From giorgi

  2. hi miss Thompson

    my setback was when.when ever me and my cousin had a fight my grandma would always take her side and I would just moan but it wouldn't help so I just keep quiet.

    From Teah

  3. I did not get in texperts

    I just got on with life

    By Tom Plimmer

  4. Dear Ms Thompson

    Yes I have had a set back in my life,it was last year my I trialed for a rugby team. I got over it because I knew that I did my best,so know I can try out this year!

    From Ethan

  5. Dear Stephanie,

    Yes I have a set back in life, it was when I tried out for Basket Ball. I don't think I tried hard enough, and I didn't get in the interest list. But I'll try my hardest on Monday!


  6. I wasn't pick for a basketball team and I felt like giving after that, but I didn't and I kept practicing my ball skills with basketballs, soccer balls and tennis balls. My hand eye co-ordination is better than ever and my feet work isn't half bad either. Now i'm trying out for Tawa intermediete basketball team.

  7. hi miss thompson my setback is i did not get into texperts. I overcome it because i just got on with life life

  8. I played foo ball and gave up but I started played again and got a lot better.


  9. Hi Miss

    I have never had a set back yet in my life.


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  11. Hi Stephanie

    I had a setback when I was in year five- my friend told me that I couldn't sing just because I had a higher voice than her, but I overcame it by singing and singing and I developed my voice and now she never tells me I can't sing! (It turned that she was jealous.)

    From Helen

  12. Hi Miss

    I have never had a set back yet in my life.


  13. Hey Stephanie
    My setback was not getting student council
    my way of overcoming it was thinking well at least
    I got into Drama and I don,t have to be Student Council
    To be responsible

  14. Hi Stephanie

    I did now how to news windows 7 but I practice and practice and i got better.

    From Usha

  15. hey,
    i have had a set back in athletics because, i didn't do really well and i was upset.

  16. Hey Stephanie
    I had a setback in my swimming compitions but I just kept trying even when I lost everytime in wellington zone I just tried to do my best.

  17. Hey Stephanie, When I didn't get into the photo club because my picture wasn't good enough. I think I need to try harder next time.


  18. joshua 1 march 2013

    I have had a setback when I was sevin but I am over that now.

  19. When i was 10 me and my sister did not really get along very well. I made it that we had night only me and her. After about 1 year later we started geting along and only 2 weeks ago my sister and I did some wered things with my hair i was so funny and i love it when we get along like that it makes me feel happy and i love when we have fun i and i hate it when me or there have to go.

  20. Hey Stephanie,

    I have had a setback at Primary, i was in a race and i was competing against hard people



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