Monday, 25 March 2013

Selamat Siang from Bali

Hi Room 15
I hope you raised a lot of money for Fun Run over the weekend.

Last week I left New Zealand to attend the Apple Educator Institute in Indonesia. There are teachers from all over Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand. The place that I am staying is very beautiful, right by the ocean. There are lots of palm trees and coconut trees.

This week I'll be learning a lot about how to use different Apple products in class but also telling teachers about what we do in Room 15.

What do you think I should share with the other teachers to show off our class? Do you have a favourite movie I could share?

Enjoy your week.



  1. Hi
    I always liked the place you will go!
    I hope your having a good time in bali
    we are missing you in room fiftteen:)
    From giorgi

  2. Hi Stephanie
    I think you should show them 'oh the places you'll go.


  3. hi miss,

    I think you should share oh the places you'll go and the kindness boomerang. I hope your trip is going great and hope your safe and well.P.S watch out for those coconuts they could fall on your head.


  4. Hi Stephanie

    I think you should share the chocolate one
    and I think you should share what we are doing in class



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