Friday, 8 March 2013

The fun theory

I love this video. It shows how with a bit of creative thinking you take an every day activity and make it awesome.

How do you think that the fun theory could apply to your learning?

How could you change something you find boring into something interesting?


  1. Hi Miss Thompson

    I think that was very interesting I really Like the
    stairs that was awesome I think you ca change it by making it more Interesting.

    from Teah

  2. Dear Stephanie

    We can make learning fun by doing most of our work on the computer,we can also make writing fun by writing what we want to write.

    From Ethan

  3. Hi Stephanie
    1. I think fun theory helps with your imagination and thinking, because it makes you think of new ideas that could happen and it makes people feel happy with your great ideas.

    2. If you have an empty place in your back garden that looks dell you could plant flowers or trees there, or something you want to put there.

    From Elizabeth

  4. Hi Stephanie

    I think this is a great idea for people to do more fun stuff while there on to work or school. I think the fun theory is great idea for people that have to much on their plate and they dont have time to have fun.

  5. Hi miss

    It would help because we would have fun working.

    By not doing it.


  6. dear Stephanie

    You can turn learning into fun by turning it into a game or when writing write about what you want

  7. Hey Stephanie,

    1. That helped my learning by putting something new and fun there then just having something boring.

    2. Turn an elevator into a fun elevator by adding a park in there.

  8. hi Stephanie

    I don't know how it would apply to our learning.

    I don't know

  9. hey stephaine
    i think applys because they made somthing fun so we could make our lerning fun.
    Make subjects fun by doing hands on things
    from giorgi

  10. hi stephanie

    i think it would help bveacause we would do fun work and have fun times

    build it much better

  11. ha learning can be fun by editing it

  12. Hello! Im Subeg from Shireland Collegiate Academy, you on our Quadblogging timetable!

    Thats awesome! It would brighten up everybodies lives while on their way!


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